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How to install Solar panels

Navigasi - Solar energy itself is life-supporting energy for plants to photosynthesize which will become food for plants and convert carbon dioxide into life-supporting oxygen for breathing creatures such as animals and humans in general.

How to install solar panels
How to install solar panels

In Indonesia, solar energy is underutilized, in terms of solar energy, it is very much because the area of Indonesia is included in the equator so that every year it is always illuminated by the sun.

Solar panel is a device that uses solar cells to convert the ultraviolet rays contained in the sun into electrical energy.

Solar panels also require additional devices to store current, namely batteries (battery) and a DC current converter into AC electric current generated by solar panels, including an inverter. produced by solar panels is a DC electric current (direct current) just like a battery so that it allows us to store electrical energy in the battery / battery and use it anytime but because it uses DC electric current, an additional device in the form of an inverter is needed to convert the electric current so that it can be used household appliances with alternating current/AC.

The real benefit of installing solar panels is that we reduce our monthly expenses in using the electricity provided by PLN because we can directly use electricity from solar panels without the need for the services of other parties where we have to pay monthly in stages for these services.

For more details on the use of solar panels, you can see some points below:

It's more economical not to have to pay monthly services to other parties.

Can be installed in any area, especially in locations that have not been distributed by the PLN network.

You don't need a large area to install solar panels, you can even use the yard or roof of our house.

Help reduce global warming due to the use of fossil fuels. Mines such as coal, gasoline and other petroleum produce smoke which inevitably damages the environment and reduces natural resources.

Easy to install and no need to process for months like State Electricity Company because in just one day we can immediately enjoy the electricity.

How to install Solar panels

How to apply your own solar panels for use by individuals or independently is actually not as difficult as we imagine. For more details, you can see the summary of our tutorial below:

Material preparation

First of all, to install the solar panels, you must provide the following materials:

  1. Solar Panel
  2. Battery
  3. Solar charger controller
  4. DC to AC converter
  5. Solar panel mount frame

Providing solar panel mounts on the roof of the house

The first thing we have to provide to install solar panels is an iron frame that we make on the roof of the house which aims to sit the solar panel to absorb solar energy (ultraviolet light) to be converted into electrical energy.

For the holder and bolts to lock the solar panels so that when exposed to wind or storms the solar panels do not collapse or fall, you should use stainless material which is resistant to any weather and is not easily exposed to rust.

In addition, its position must be in a place that is exposed to a lot of sunlight in order to maximize the absorption of ultraviolet light from the sun.

Installation of solar charger controller

The solar charger controller is an electrical device that functions to regulate the charging of electric charges from the solar panel to the battery or battery so that it is stable and according to the needs of the required electric current, it can be considered a kind of stabilizer.

So that the use of electric current from the solar panel does not experience a short circuit either for charging electric current in the battery or the use of electric current in electronic devices such as tv, refrigerator, lamp, and others.

Provision of batteries or accumulators

If you have provided the above, then you can add a battery to store the current that we get so that when the weather is cloudy where little sunlight can be absorbed by the solar panel, you still have no shortage of electrical energy.

The standard battery or battery used is a Fuso car battery / 24v DC battery which is large so that it can accommodate a lot of electric current according to your needs.

Connecting to inverter 

Solar panel assembly
Solar panel assembly

If Solar panel and solar charger con the troller has been installed on the roof of the house or an area that is exposed to a lot of sunlight, then we must provide a solar panel inverter which aims to convert the electric current that has been obtained in the form of DC current (battery) we will convert into alternating electric current (AC) so that we can use it for household devices where the majority use alternating current / AC generated by State Electricity Company.

For installation or wiring of electrical panels, you should hire an expert or familiar with how to install solar panels so that there is no risk of damage with devices that have been purchased at a price that is not cheap.

For more details, you can watch the video directly below :

By using solar panels we will be much more efficient in reducing monthly expenses to pay PLN and also help to reduce environmental pollution .

That's a little information from us about Solar panels hopefully it can be useful for you if you want to add can comment below Thank you for visiting our blog.