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This is the Smart Way to Become a Subsidized Housing Developer in Indonesia

Navigasi - There are many steps that can be used as a way to become a subsidized housing developer easily. Given that the developer is an attempt to realize a plan in development, in order to start a business to become a trusted developer.

This is the Smart Way to Become a Subsidized Housing Developer in Indonesia
This is the Smart Way to Become a Subsidized Housing Developer in Indonesia

Generally, a developer will do the planning for making a house such as design, determining materials and so on until the construction process is complete. Here are some ways to become a reliable and trusted developer.

Requirements to Become a Subsidized Housing Developer

In order to become a great entrepreneur and benefit from being a subsidized developer, there are many things that must be taken care of, especially a subsidized housing developer. There are several conditions that need to be considered and prepared properly from the beginning to the end, such as the following business license requirements:

  1. Have a Trade Permit (SIUP)
  2. Letter or certificate of land that has been legalized
  3. Building Permit (IMB)
  4. SPPL
  5. Validation of documents and permits obtained from ratification of the site plan

So, those are some of the requirements that you need to fulfill when you want to become a subsidized housing developer.

Easy Ways to Become a Developer

Currently subsidized housing is getting more and more enthusiasts because it is one of the best solutions for the community. Given the increasingly expensive property prices.. Here are some easy ways to become a subsidized housing developer:

Check the Legality of the Land First

The first step that must be considered if you want to become a housing developer is to check the legality of his land first. However, if the land has the status of ownership rights or SHM then you only need to proceed to the next stage to facilitate business.

It's different if your land is a Building Use Rights Certificate (SGB) or girik land and the like. Of course, what you have to do is legalize it first. Land legality management can be carried out at the Regional Government (PEMDA) to obtain a permit to build subsidized housing.

Checking Land Layout

In the process of building a subsidized house, of course, you need to get a building permit (IMB) and so on. In addition, you can also find out more details in the Detailed Spatial Plan (RDTR) for more detailed information on checking land layout.

You also need to find out which zones exist in your area, whether your land is a subsidy zone or a water absorption zone. This is what you must find out first at the spatial planning office considering that the licensing process in each region has its own policy.

Creating a Site Plan

Behind the benefits of being a subsidized developer, which is in high demand, you also need to know other things, such as preparing a more detailed site plan when applying for a development permit for an area for subsidized housing construction.

This is not just a plot description, but there are many things that need to be considered, such as plans for access to roads, public facilities, drainage, and others. So that the stages or ways to become a subsidized housing developer become easier.

Have a Development Team

Being a developer, of course, you must have a team that is compact in working together on a property project that will be handled. The more compact and good the team, the better the results.

Not only that, another thing that needs to be considered is establishing cooperation with the bank, but the bank will not easily provide such cooperation.


So much information about the guide to becoming a subsidized housing developer, hopefully this information can provide positive benefits for you.

The author realizes that this article is still not quite right, therefore, hopefully, in the future, this article can be edited again, of course to make this article more okay and classy.