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Types of Inverters that people rarely know about

Navigasi - As we know that the way an inverter works is to convert DC electric current into AC electric current with a certain frequency setting so that it can regulate the power consumption and speed of a 3 phase motor.

If you want to know the complete working system and the benefits of the inverter in detail, you can read the article at the following link:

If you already know the functions and benefits of inverters, then we will discuss what types of inverters are circulating and are generally used and sold in the market.

Therefore, we have summarized it from various sources and experiences as follows.

Types of Inverters

Let's just start our discussion about the types of inverters which are as follows:

Solar panel inverter

Inverter solar panel
Inverter solar panel

Inverter solar panels are useful for converting the electricity generated by solar panels with DC current into AC.

So that with the solar panel inverter, you can still use home electrical devices that use AC electricity.

As we know if at home you use electricity generated by solar panels (solar power) with DC electricity, you cannot use home appliances such as TVs, computers and others, all of which use AC electric current.

UPS (uninterruptible power supply)

UPS ( uninterruptible power supply )
UPS ( uninterruptible power supply )

The UPS itself is an inverter combined with a stabilizer and with an additional charger and electrical power storage system.

So you can still use electricity when the lights go out with a stable voltage and electric current even though the time limit for the clothes is not long.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for us to use a UPS at home for our computer equipment so that when the lights go out we can still turn off the computer without risking such as losing data, forgetting to save and others.

Portable inverter

Inverter portable
Inverter portable

Portable inverters we often see and use in vehicles, especially 4-wheeled vehicles (cars).

Which with the existence of a portable inverter in the car, you can still use devices that use AC electricity such as TVs, DVDs, Game Consoles and others when you drive.

Actually, this is still the same as a solar panel inverter, it's just that the media for use is different.

Inverter Variable speed

Inverter Variable speed
Inverter Variable speed 

Variable speed inverter is an inverter that is used to adjust the frequency of AC power received by a 3 phase motor so that the speed of the 3 phase motor can be adjusted.

Variable speed inverters are commonly used on industrial machines to adjust the motor rotation speed to suit the needs desired by the production machine operator.

We can usually find this type of inverter only in companies and if you are a mechanical technician you will definitely and often find engine repair work that uses this Variable speed inverter.

Maybe that's all I can tell you if you want to add you can share information or ask questions in the comments column below and thank you for visiting.