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What is CNC (Computer Numerical Control)?

Navigasi - machine tools for processing metal to become various machine components or forming metal so that we can use it, we have commonly used it in the manufacturing sector, one of which is by using a lathe.
What is CNC (Computer Numerical Control)?
What is CNC (Computer Numerical Control)?

Lathes are often used to shape metal and wood and also the way it works is still using a manual system where we need accuracy and also focus on forming a metal or wood, this takes a lot of time and drains energy just to work on one product or item from metal.

Which in the use of a lathe often occurs errors in the formation of metal and wood or the occurrence of human error which can risk work accidents, it can hamper the production process and

Fortunately, technology has continued to develop, not only in the fields of communication and electronics, because industry and manufacturing have also developed rapidly. .

Nowadays you can form metal or wood simply by entering the size and shape data of the metal into the computer data and the machine will automatically operate the way to shape the metal or wood according to your wishes is by using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine.

Definition of CNC Machine

CNC machine is a machine tool to form metal and wood which is operated automatically by only entering the data sketch of the image that we want into the computer.</ div>

As we know that Sanya CNC machine itself stands for English, namely Computer Numerical Control or in Indonesian a numerical control computer or simply a machine tool with a computer control system by only entering (saving) a numeric code into a computer device.</ div>

CNC machines themselves were first created in the 1940s which were the result of modifying ordinary machine tools by only adding an ordinary analog control system then in the 1950s changing the analog control system to Computer control system as it is today.

This also answers the challenges of the industrial world who want production results with accuracy and accuracy reaching 1/100 mm more and can produce them in large quantity.

CNC Machining Advantages

The advantages of CNC machines that we get from experience and several sources are as follows:

  1. Minimize the risk of human error which can damage the product and work accidents
  2. The accurate level of media formation is guaranteed to be different from a lathe or other manual machine tools that must measure carefully every part of the material to be formed
  3. Saving costs with a CNC machine you don't need a lot of labor to operate it so it saves costs plus the electric power is also smaller when compared to manual machines
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  5. Less waste is generated compared to manual machines
  6. According to personal experience, CNC machines are more durable than manual machines.

CNC Machined Parts

Components or parts -The basic parts of a CNC machine are outlined as follows:

  1. The control system that functions to enter a program to shape the material according to what we want
  2. Proccesor which is useful for storing programs and controlling the motor along with the chisel on the CNC machine to form the material according to the program we input
  3. Servo electric motor that which functions to move the chisel according to the program entered in the control system.
  4. The electric motor as a driving device for the CNC machine 
  5. The chisel functions to scrape and shape the material according to the program entered
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  7. A stand or material holder so that the material does not move and can be shaped according to the program that we have entered.

CNC machine working principles

You can see a simple description of how a CNC machine works below:

  1. The first thing we do is make a program to shape the material according to what we want by using
  2. After the program is stored on the CNC machine and activated, the processor will manage the data and drive the motor servo, motor and chisel according to the program entered on the CNC machine.
  3. Then the material will be formed according to your wishes the same as the program you input on the CNC machine.

CNC Machine types

Simple working system CNC machine like above sedan The types of CNC machines are as follows:

  • CNC lathes 
  • CNC Milling Machine  5 Axis
  • CNC plasma cutting machine 
  • CNC drilling machine 
  • CNC Turret punching Machine
  • CNC wood carving machine
  • CNC bending machine 
  • CNC cylinder grinding machine 
  • And others

There are already many types of CNC machines on the market, more or less the most commonly used in the data above.

Maybe that's all I can say if you want to add you can comment below and thanks for visiting