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what is an inverter ???

Navigasi - what are inverters? This must be a big question mark for us, especially those who don't understand electricity.

Get to know inverters and it benefits
Get to know inverters and it benefits

Inverters are always buzzed about in every AC (Air Conditioner) advertisement on TV or internet networks which say that only ACs that use inverters are much more efficient in using electric power, is that true?

As we know that Sanya's own inverter system works the same as an adapter which functions to convert AC electric current into DC electric current.

However, the inverter has the opposite working system of the adapter, which converts DC electric current into AC electric current.

The benefits of the inverter itself are not only that as we have summarized it from various sources as follows.

Inverter benefits or functions

We have summarized the advantages of using an inventor from various sources, including the following:

Inverter as a means of converting DC electric current to AC

With an inverter we can convert DC electric current (direct electric current) into AC electric current (alternating electric current).

This can happen due to the presence of a switching transformer component that converts DC electric current into AC electric current with a certain electrical frequency through a control circuit that is strung right on the inverter.

The inverter can adjust the speed of the 3 phase motor

If you work for a company, precisely in the field of engineering, you must be familiar with inverters, which we use to regulate the rotation speed of 3 phase motors.

This can happen because there is an electric frequency regulator on the inverter which causes the rotation of the electric motor to be affected due to the AC electric current entering the 3 phase electric motor, the frequency of which we set at a certain frequency we want.

Useful inverter to save electricity

We can also use inverters to save electricity used so that your home electricity bill is more economical.

This system works the same as to regulate the speed of an electric motor in which the frequency of the AC electric current we control in such a way that the use of electricity is more efficient, so it's no wonder that the AC (air conditioner) if using an inverter will be more efficient in electricity consumption.

That's the benefit of inverters, it's actually no wonder that Sanya AC ads that use inverters in their AC components are much more efficient in using electricity when compared to those that don't use inverters, even though the purchase price of the AC (air conditioner) is much more expensive.

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