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what is a thermo control (temperature controller)

Navigasi - if you have studied or worked in the field of industrial electricity, you must have heard of or even used Thermo control (temperature controller) but you are still confused and wondering what is Thermo control?.

Understanding Thermo control (temperature controller)

Thermo control (temperature controller) is an electrical component or spare part that can disconnect and connect the electric current automatically by detecting the temperature on a medium to keep it at the set temperature. Or in outline Thermo control is a tool to regulate the temperature.

Use of Thermo control (temperature controller)

From the above understanding, it is not surprising that Thermo control is always used in every manufacturing activity that uses cold or hot temperatures when they produce products / goods so that the quality of the goods / products they make is always maintained.

As we know, if the machine is not temperature regulated, it can be ascertained that their products are damaged such as scorching, freezing and even melting.

To use the Thermo control, you must also use the temperature detector (Thermo couple) for more details as follows.

Thermo control (temperature controller)

There are many kinds of thermo control, but when viewed from the model, there are two types, namely:

  • Analog thermocontrol
  • Digital thermocontrol

But what we often use in the field in general is digital thermo control, so we discuss digital thermo control only for the appearance as follows.

Thermo control digital
Thermo control digital 

The picture above is commonly used on industrial machines where I work where there are 10 slots with various functions as follows.

Thermo control slot code
Thermo control slot code

  1. Slots 1 and 2 function to power the electric supply on the Thermo control using 220 volts
  2. Slots 3, 4, and 5 for power input, NC and NO thermo control.
  3. Slots 6 and 7 slots NO installation for alarm before pairing it first setting the alarm at what temperature will turn on.
  4. Slots 8, 9, and 10 are used to install the Thermo couple (temperature detector) slot 10 for the positive Thermo coupel and slot 9 for the negative thermo couple and slot no. 8 extra if you use an RTD Thermo couple (which has 3 legs).



The thermocouple itself functions to detect the temperature of which there are many models and their use depends on which media you will install.

If we look at the number of cables, they are divided into two types, namely with 2 cables and 3 cables or often called RTD Thermocouple.

The red cable is the positive thermo couple cable, while the blue negative cable should not be confused because if the temperature data is mixed there will be an error.

The working system for Thermo control is as follows.

Thermo control working system

Thermo control is equipped with a temperature detector ( Thermo couple ) where the Thermo couple will be installed on the media whose temperature we will set so that the Thermo control can read the temperature on the media.

If the temperature on the media does not meet the temperature requirements we want, the NO on the Thermo control will be connected to the Power input so that the electric current will flow to the cooling and heating machines and the machine will continue to work until the temperature limit we want.

Meanwhile, if the temperature on the media has met the temperature limit we want or even exceeds the temperature we want, the NO on the Thermo control will be cut off at the power input so that it will cut off the electric current in the heating and cooling machine and the machine will stop working.

For the NC Thermo control itself, it is inversely proportional to the NO thermo control itself which if the temperature has not been met then the NC will be disconnected but if the temperature has been met it will be connected.

From the work system, you can be creative in applying it in the field, but in general its use is like the work system above.

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