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Equestrian Tour while Archery at Princhsto Pringsewu

Navigasi - Pringsewu is one of the youngest districts in Lampung Province, with an area of 625 km2 and a population of around 425,000 people.

Equestrian Tour while Archery at Princhsto Pringsewu
Equestrian Tour while Archery at Princhsto Pringsewu

However, Pringsewu, which is known as the 'Thousand Bamboo City', has many advantages when compared to other districts, such as agriculture, fresh fish cultivation and amazing natural tourism.

In addition to natural tourism, religious tourism is also available in Pringsewu, including the KH Gholib Cemetery in West Pringsewu Village and Laverna Park (Goa Maria) in Padang Bulan, Fajerusuk Village.

Even some tourist objects that have historical value can be visited in Pringsewu. One of them is Talang Indah, a heritage building from the Dutch colonial era. Then there is Mount Silitonga in Sukoharjo District. From historical records, Mount Silitonga used to be a TNI basecamp to confront the Dutch army.

Over time, several tourist objects have sprung up on Jejama Secancanan Earth, nicknamed Pringsewu City. Recently, one of the tourist objects that has caught the public's attention is Pringsewu Ranch and Resto, which is located in the South Pringsewu Village.

At this location, visitors can enjoy equestrian sports while learning archery guided by professional trainers. Rates are quite affordable, for example, Joyrade (ordinary riding) costs Rp. 10,000 (large field rounds), Private lessons (learn horse riding techniques for 45 minutes) costs Rp. 200,000. As for archery practice Rp. 30,000 per hour.

One of the Princhsto horse trainers, Andika Kuswara said, currently his party provides 16 horses that have been trained. The horses were partly imported from Java and partly from Padang Pariaman.

"The type of horse we provide is Equestrian (polo, jumping), so it's not a racehorse," he said, Tuesday (1/6/21).

According to him, currently there are only 7 equestrian fields in Lampung Province in 7 regions and Pringsewu is the first.

"Right now we are preparing to form a Pordasi (All Indonesian Equestrian Sports Association) because Lampung has not yet been formed," he said.

Apart from that, Princhsto is currently fixing other facilities, such as a mini zoo which will later be filled with etawa goats, rabbits and ponies. Then the mini train track is 3000 meters long and provides carriages.

"So besides sports, children can also be entertained," he said.

While the trainer of Princhsto horses, Warsono added, the average age of horses in Princhsto is between 7-10 years.

"In equestrian practice, what needs to be considered is the psychological condition of the horse. If the ears are backwards, it means that it is being aggressive, meaning that it is not dangerous to ride," he said.

Deputy Regent of Pringsewu, Dr.H.Fauzi is also very supportive of Princestho's presence. He stated this when he received an audience visit from the Kupas Complete Group at the Deputy Regent's official residence on Monday (31/5/2021).

"This is the pride of Pringsewu because Pringsto is a different tourist attraction from the others," said Fauzi.

Fauzi also suggested that the Youth Sports and Tourism Service together with the Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Service should support Princhsto.

"The Tourism Office can provide guidance through the Pokdawis. Then the Fisheries and Livestock Services pay attention to the health of the horses," he concluded. (*)