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How to Get Rid of Doubt Buying Stocks

Navigasi - I often find readers or friends who fall in love with one or two issuers. He knows that the company is classified as good, the fundamentals are good, and many people even recommend it.

How to Get Rid of Doubt Buying Stocks
How to Get Rid of Doubt Buying Stocks

The problem is, there is an element of doubt and fear when it comes to buying. Worried that the analysis is wrong, or worried that what was considered cheap is still expensive. This doubt actually makes people cancel buying and become spectators.

Causes of Doubt Buying Stocks

If you experience this, namely in doubt to buy shares, then the main factor is experience. Experience in the world of stocks plays a role up to 80% compared to other elements.

Certainly what is feared is the concern that the stock will decline after the purchase. Because usually, bought down sold up.

The second factor that causes doubt in buying shares is the element of lack of analysis. Whether you're oriented to fundamentals, technicals, or bandarmology, you don't do any of it, so there are worries and questions as to whether this stock is really that good.

The third factor that causes doubt in buying shares is sentiment. Either global or local sentiment. For example, if you find a good ITMG stock, but the coal price sentiment is continuously falling, then you are in doubt about buying a stock that is quite powerful. The last factor that we think often makes people hesitate to buy a good stock is reading the comments of people in the community about the stock. Either say that the stock has no future, or whether the profit will be destroyed.

The fourth factor is the most frequently found, so that we as potential buyers feel anxious about the choices we have believed in from the start. Especially in the era of the proliferation of social media and whatsapp.

Our Experience Optimistic Buying Stock

To eliminate the various elements that we have presented above, we will tell you our experience of how to be sure to buy a stock. For the record, we are not active traders, nor are we long term investors. The term is a position trader.

First, we consider the stock to be chosen as a match. One little we choose, can be ambyar. We've experienced it many times. That's why we take the time to consider buying shares.

Usually this time is between three days to one week. The point is to make sure our hearts in choosing the stock.

Indeed, everyone is different, and cannot be equated, depending on psychology. We are the first to always consider the fundamentals from various aspects. Then technical, then bandarmology, lastly we analyze the sentiment and the news circulating. If you are sure that we get good stocks, and fall into the cheap category. Then it's on the watchlist. What is seen is the movement, the style of the stock in ups and downs. You have to memorize.

If you really fall in love, want to apply for the stock, what we do is not to be tempted by other stocks even though they are more voluptuous and sexy. Because our hearts can waver. So we still fall in love with the stocks that have been selected. If someone spreads scary issues, we are not affected. At that time, the steps we took were to start making purchases, and often read news related to the issuer's sector, or direct news related to the issuer.

The next strategy is to buy installments. As sure as we are about stocks, we don't guarantee that they will go up and continue to rise. Because prices follow the law of supply and demand. Lastly is the element of patience. Usually doubts about buying shares are also influenced by factors, our stocks do not rise. Sideway for three months. Yet we see other stocks flying. Yes, that's the dynamics of the stock market. The stock next door is greener.

Because we have done an in-depth analysis, and are confident in choosing the stock, we must be sure and patiently wait. Currently we always have the principle, 20% profit a year is very good. So we are waiting, if a year it goes up 20%, that's enough. Thank God I can do more. But if you want one year to have 100% profit, then this method is not quite right. Maybe our lives are different.