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More than 100 Indonesian students are in debt online

Navigasi - The case of online loans or loans that ensnared hundreds of students at the Bogor Agricultural Institute or IPB has recently caught the public's attention. In fact, the Bogor Police received 2 official reports and 29 complaint reports from the illegal loan loan case.

More than 100 Indonesian students are in debt online
More than 100 Indonesian students are in debt online

"Based on reports from complainants or victims, the number of victims that was successfully recorded was 311 people and most of them, not all of them, were IPB students. The report was the same as SAN," said Deputy Chief of Bogor City Police AKBP Ferdy as reported by Antara on Tuesday, 15 November 2022.

AKBP Ferdy explained that the total money from IPB students who were deceived by the suspected SAN was estimated at IDR 2.1 billion. So far, it is known that the SAN Modus is offering online cooperation with the lure of a 10 percent profit share.

However, said AKBP Ferdy, the condition that must be met for this cooperation is that the complainants or victims must apply for an online loan.

5 Characteristics of Illegal Loans

Reflecting on this case, it is very important for the public to understand the characteristics of illegal loans and the mode of fraud. Quoted from the Smart Credit site, here are 5 characteristics of illegal online loans.

1. Too Easy Requirements

Even though modern financial technology is popular because it is considered simpler, you still need to be vigilant. This is because illegal online loan services will usually ask for customer ID data as an effort to steal data.

This mode is usually wrapped up with the reason for checking the loan so that potential victims are often not aware of it. In fact, according to Smart Credit, illegal online loans do not have access to check loan history with only an ID card.

2. Urgent Through Promos

One of the most aggressive features of illegal online loans is pressing potential customers with a number of promos. Fraudsters do this by providing a series of attractive promos with multiple benefits so that they seem tempting to trap potential customers.

3. Asking for Advances

The Smart Credit site emphasizes that if people are asked to send a down payment in advance, it can be ascertained that the loan is an illegal service. Generally, online loan services claim that this down payment will be used as a condition for applying for a loan.

4. Unclear Profile

Even though technological developments have advanced, it is undeniable that there are still some people who fail to check the lender's profile before applying for a loan.

In contrast to a number of official online loan services, illegal loans usually do not have clear sites, real addresses, and trusted official contacts.

5. Not Verified

In this case, there are two aspects that need to be considered by prospective buyers. First, at least the candidate needs to ensure that the lender has official contacts and verified social media. If these two pieces of information are not met, you should avoid these potential lenders.

Second, prospective lenders need to check with the Financial Services Authority alias OJK, whether the lender has been officially registered.

This method can be done by contacting the OJK contact at 157, calling via WhatsApp at number 081 157 157 157, sending an e-mail to, or checking through the official website at ojk.go.ig.