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Nightlife Tour at Mangga Besar Hotel travel jakarta

Navigasi  - It seems that no one has distributed the Blok T Night Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia, especially to find sexy women who can be invited to have fun in their rooms.

Nightlife Tour at Mangga Besar Hotel travel jakarta
Nightlife Tour at Mangga Besar Hotel travel jakarta

Address : Jl. Mango Besar 8 tel. 601-2721
DC : IDR 300K ( 20 USD ) (1 Regular Room, 1 Girl, 1 Condom, 1 Soft Drink)
IDR 325k ( 25 USD ) (1 VIP Room, 1 Girl, 1 Condom, 1 Soft Drink)
There's 3Some Package Now On Travel : IDR 500k ( 32 USD )

Price and facilities

  • can pay using Credit Card, Debit, Cash (if you use a credit card, you will be charged usual, you can also go to a bar or other place..)
  • if you don't have sex, you don't drink, you don't have a sauna... you get a bracelet... you don't have to pay...
  • if you drink but you don't have sex, then you just have to pay for the drink according to what you ordered
  • if you don't have sex... the sauna spa pays 50 thousand
  • if you have sex... the sauna spa is FREE
  • Drink Aqua in the sauna spa for FREE
  • pocari, green tea: 15rb
  • Aqua : 10rb
  • 1 pitcher of white beer: 90 thousand (the pitcher is bigger, maybe about 3 bottles of haunted beer)
  • 1 pitcher of black beer: 90rb (the pitcher is smaller, maybe 2 jumbo bottles of dark beer)
  • 1 WP = 300 thousand (1 hour) , includes 1 durex condition
  • if the first execution has been completed and you want to add hours then the count is 300 x 2
  • if you want 3 some, 300 x 2, 1 hour
  • booking out of the hotel = 900 (basic calculation, 300 x 3), can be booked after 1 o'clock in the morning
  • karaoke room price = 900 (for 3 hours), you can bring wp into your friend
  • booking table = 300/2 hours, so the WP accompanies us on the sofa so that the WP doesn't disturb anyone
  • 1 hour billiard = 30 k
  • sauna = 50 k
  • no service charge
  • TAX problems are not calculated or may have been included in all of them... so that when you pay you don't see it / it's not listed on the bill.

Instructions and procedures etc

  1. consists of 2 doors, the main door and the left door (if we look at the direction of the main door)
  2. enter from the door on the left (weekdays)
  3. if the left door is closed, then enter via the main door and towards the restaurant, from the restaurant there is a door through to the lounge
  4. take a bracelet (there is no payment here, this bracelet is useful as a transaction tool while inside)
  5. you can go straight up (if you want)
  6. find a sofa seat (if you want)
  7. during the transaction in all using a bracelet (again not cash) eg. Order a drink, the waiters will ask for the bracelet number + ask for our signature
  8. call mami, or if you see a wp who is interested, just call me
  9. hanging out with wp on the sofa and sitting and getting to know each other first
  10. if you want to go up, tell the wp or mom, then ask to hand over the bracelet as a transaction tool
  11. go upstairs to fix the tile...if you are satisfied/comfortable/cool, give a tip to the wp...the amount of tip is up to you. (tip in cash to the girl)
  12. if you want to go home.. at the cashier, hand over the bracelet.. the transaction will be calculated
  13. once long as you're inside you don't need to use cash, except for tips for good ending working women.

Procedure for booking / checking wp (girl) to the hotel

  1. Deal first with wp if you are ready to check
  2. Tell mommy that I want to check this wp
  3. If you want to take it to a travel hotel, check in first before it's too late
  4. wp can be taken out after 1 o'clock in the morning
  5. return wp to mess no later than 12 noon
  6. When it's 1 o'clock in the morning.. with a girl + mami (pimp) to the cashier to pay 855 (can cash, credit, debit)
  7. When checking in to a Travel hotel, the room price is 385 (standard executive)
  8. If you check in to another hotel, please arrange it yourself
  9. After 12 noon, you want to disperse, give the taxi money to the wp or take the woman to her place of residence.

Travel Facilities

  1. lounge (hall where karaoke, or listen to live music)
  2. 4 billiard tables (long sticks) + inside there are big sofas for hanging out
  3. Sauna Spa
  4. Karaoke Room
  5. hotel (you can check in here)
  6. Massage (real massage like other massage parlors)
  7. Beautiful woman hanging out on the couch a lot

Operating Hours

  • 13:00 noon to 01:00 pm, last order at 12 pm, Friday-Saturday until 02:00 pm
  • fasting month until 00:00, last order at 23:00

Women and facilities etc

  1. consists of 8 sofas, 1 sofa consists of 20 wp
  2. 1 sofa is managed by 4 moms and 1 papi
  3. lounge sofa consists of 4 sofas, billiard sofa (bb) consists of 4 different rooms but united
  4. The lounge sofa woman can be brought to the billiard sofa or vice versa
  5. For nocan problems, please contact the elders.

Sauna Spa facilities

  1. Sauna
  2. Steam
  3. hot soaking pool
  4. cold water soaking pool
  5. treadmill, running and cycling
  6. TV
  7. cold towel
  8. Aqua drink for free
  9. sofa for relaxing