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Tourist Attractions in Several Regions of Lampung Province Visited by Visitors in 2022

Navigasi - Tourist attractions in a number of areas in Lampung Province were visited by visitors during the holidays in early 2022. Beach and nature tourism is the people's choice.

In West Lampung, the Liwa Botanical Garden (KRL) is still one of the favorite destinations for domestic and foreign tourists. The number of visitors to destinations in the area of conservation and development of ornamental plants is much higher than usual.

The head of UPT KRL, Khoirul Age, said the number of tourist visits until Sunday (2/1) afternoon had reached more than 600 people.

"Because we are still in an atmosphere of the Covid-19 pandemic, we require all visitors to implement strict health protocols such as wearing masks and avoiding crowds while at the KRL location," he explained.

Khoirul explained, apart from requiring every visitor to apply strict health protocols, his party also provided a place for washing hands to ensure that visitors could wash their hands to keep them sterile.

"We have also deployed dozens of officers to monitor if there are visitors who congregate, we will immediately disperse them to anticipate unwanted things," he added.

To enter the mainstay tourist attraction at Bumi Beguai Jejama Sai Betik, visitors only need to pay IDR 5,000 for adults and IDR 3,000 for children.

"With such low rates, visitors can enjoy the various beauties of the KRL, with the crowds of visitors on the first day of opening this proves that the interest of tourists to visit the KRL is very high, so it's our job to be able to maintain and keep the KRL clean. and convenient for tourists," he said.

One of the visitors from Bandar Lampung, Imron, admitted that he deliberately visited with his family to enjoy the beauty of the KRL, which so far has only been seen on social media.

"It turned out that after being visited it was indeed extraordinarily good, it was not in vain that we came from Bandar Lampung. Moreover, the weather here is very cool, cool. KRL is suitable for tour operators, especially those who live in big cities. Because Liwa's coolness is not much different from Bogor ," he explained.

The enthusiasm of the people to fill the holidays can be seen in Pesisir Barat Regency. One of the attractions being hunted is the Labuhan Jukung Beach area.

This destination was actually temporarily closed by the West Coast District Government. However, tourists from both within and outside the region continue to enter one of the main destinations in the Land of the Inner Sai and Ulama.

Feri, one of the visitors, admitted that he had to pay Rp. 5,000 to enter Labuhan Jukung.

"Earlier we had 8 motorcycles that were allowed to enter but we still had to pay an entrance fee of Rp. 5,000 per person, and there were many other visitors who joined us earlier," said Ferry, a visitor from West Lampung, Saturday (1/1) .

Only two-wheeled vehicles are allowed to enter, and the entrance used is the north gate. Head of the West Coast Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) Cahyadi Muis admitted that he was overwhelmed by the lack of personnel.

"Our personnel are still lacking, so we are overwhelmed with preventing tourists who are reckless from entering Labuhan Jukung," he said. Crowds also occurred at Kerang Mas Beach, East Lampung. However, the beach manager, Tarmidi, said that his party was still implementing strict health protocols. "Tourists visiting Karang Mas Beach are required to wear masks. We have prepared a hand washing area and checked body temperature first before visitors enter the beach location," he said. Tourists at Kerang Mas Beach mostly come from East Lampung Regency. However, not a few tourists from Palembang who come with their families.

One of the tourists from Negeri Agung Shasa Village (31) said that this year's end vacation is for a vacation with family and spending holidays in Lampung. "We are very happy to visit Kerang Mas Beach. Apart from being a beautiful and safe place, the officers are friendly to us," he said. The density of visitors at Kerang Mas Beach is also a blessing for beverage traders. Rosmini (46) a resident of Muara Mas Village who sells drinks in the beach area. "These 2 days have been busy with tourists. Especially from 2 pm to the afternoon. Thank God, the beverage trade is selling well," he said.

In Mesuji, hundreds of visitors flocked to the Simpang Pematang Square. Coffee traders in the square, SI, said visitors started arriving after closing from the afternoon until the evening. Beach areas in Pesawaran and South Lampung, such as Sebalang Beach, Mutun Beach and their surroundings are also favorites. There was also a traffic jam at the weekend. In Bandar Lampung, although not as big as before the pandemic, the number of visits to tourist destinations has started to increase. This was revealed by the Marketing Manager of the Lembah Hijau Wildlife Park, Yudi Indra. "Compared to before the pandemic, there is nothing, it's still far away. But when compared to last year's New Year, there is definitely an increase," he said.

He mentioned that on January 1 2022, out of the total capacity of Lembah Hijau, which was 15,000 visitors, it was only filled with around a third or 33 percent or 5,000 visitors. In contrast to normal days, which only around 1000-2000 visitors. "January 1 is always the peak, every year the highest visits are on that date. Even so, we are not open for a longer day, we are still open as usual until 17.00 WIB," he said.

"Yesterday, the most visitors were from outside Lampung. Most are Palembang and there are also several areas on the island of Java," he continued. A similar condition occurred in Puncak Mas. From a capacity of around 4000 people, visitors around 1500 people, or 35 percent. Meanwhile, occupancy on January 1 2022 at Puncak Mas is 9 rooms out of 15 occupied. (*)