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9 Companies Receive Siddhakarya Award from the Governor of Lampung

Navigasi - The Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaidi handed over the 2022 Lampung Province Siddhakarya Productivity Award to 9 companies/Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the superior and developing categories, at the Mahan Agung Hall, Governor's Office, Bandar Lampung, Lampung, Wednesday (14/12) /2022) night.

9 Companies Receive Siddhakarya Award from the Governor of Lampung
9 Companies Receive Siddhakarya Award from the Governor of Lampung

Siddhakarya itself is a form of appreciation given to companies for successfully increasing their productivity for 3 consecutive years.

Of the 9 companies receiving Siddhakarya, 6 companies/UKM in Lampung Province are in the superior category, namely PT. Sugar Labinta, PT. Mitra Abadi Converter, CV. Restu Bunda, LPK Farafi, Kakanova Cake & Cookies and Rafins Snack.

Meanwhile, 3 companies/SMEs are in the developing category, namely Telaga Rizqy, Alfira Collection and LPK House of Learning Rhino.

Awards were also given to Regents/Mayors in the form of Productivity Coaching Badges whose companies in their respective regions received the superior category. Also to the City of Bandar Lampung and Metro as well as the Regencies of South Lampung, Central Lampung and Pringsewu.

This award is also an effort to motivate employers to make various efforts to increase productivity to achieve the standard of excellence in quality (superior business).

"Congratulations to the Siddhakarya recipients, as well as the hope that the companies receiving the awards will grow and be able to motivate other companies to continue working in the midst of various challenges (to penetrate global)," said Arinal

Present on the occasion, Expert Staff to the Minister of Manpower for Inter-Institutional Relations Ruslan Irianto Simbolon.

Arinal said that even in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, there are still many companies that are adaptive and able to adjust to change.

"So that productivity is maintained and can still be highly competitive," he said.

Arinal explained that Siddhakarya is a form of effort from the government in order to encourage small, medium and large companies to compete to increase their productivity.

According to him, this productivity is an important indicator of economic activity, which is the most powerful driving force for a country's economic growth and business growth at the company level.

"This condition is a source of job creation and at the same time a source of increasing welfare for the community or workers and their families," he said.

Through the Siddhakarya Award, Arinal hopes to be a trigger to continue to increase his productivity and competitiveness.

"Working hard full of innovation, achievements are achieved to improve the economy," he said.

Meanwhile, Expert Staff to the Minister of Manpower for Inter-Agency Relations Ruslan Irianto Simbolon expressed his appreciation for the various awards won by Lampung Province under the leadership of Governor Arinal.

"We appreciate Lampung's achievements under the leadership of the Governor with various awards from the central government and credible institutions," said Ruslan.

Ruslan mentioned specifically in the field of employment such as Paramakarya and awards as coaches for efforts to respect, protect and fulfill the rights of persons with disabilities in the world of inclusive work.

"Lampung continues to record achievements and its development progress is very fast," he said.

According to him, Lampung also has various innovations through programs that utilize information technology including the Lucky Farmer Card (KPB) and the SiGajah Lampung application (Lampung Regional Employment Information System).

Ruslan said the Open Unemployment Rate (TPT) in Lampung Province also continued to decline with an increase in the number of the workforce and labor force participation.

"Lampung will continue to pursue success and progress," he said.