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Cross Check The Construction of The WAY RAREM Bridge

Navigasi - The Way Rarem Bridge Duplication Development Project which is located in the Aji Kagungan Village area, Abung Kunang District, North Lampung Regency, the budget is sourced from the State Budget of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing which has been submitted for supervision of implementation to the national road implementation work unit area II Lampung province with the value of Package HPS Rp. 13,875,800,000, in accordance with the requirements for conducting an auction, KPA and PPK must display it through the LPSE Ministry of PUPR.

Cross Check The Construction of The WAY RAREM Bridge
Cross Check The Construction of The WAY RAREM Bridge

Announcement of post-qualification 09 to March 2022 for the opening of bids according to the schedule that has been included by the auction committee on 24 March 2022 the opening of the bidding documents by the PPK has carried out the process of proving the qualifications on 21 April and the announcement of the auction or determination of the winner 22 April 2022 and showing CV Hendra Cipta Laksana who lives on Jl. Prokalamasi Block J 12 A LT 2 District IT 1 Palembang, South Sumatra and NPWP 01,849,014.4-307,000 total bid Corrected price Rp. 11,026,057,918.30 and Contract Signing 27 May 2022 .

In accordance with the qualification requirements that have been listed in the Ministry of PUPR's LPSE, that everyone who has participated in the auction must meet the following requirements, have a Business Entity Certificate (SBU) with a Small Business Qualification.

[Small/Medium/Large], as well as required sub-sectors of classification/services for Construction of Bridges, Flyovers, Tunnels and Subways (SI004) KBLI 2015. or Civil Building Bridges, Flyovers, Fly Overs and Underpasses (BS002) KBLI 2020 [according to the required SBU sub-sector/service classification] and Have experience of at least 1 (one) construction work within the last 4 (four) years, both in government and private environments including subcontracting experience, except for new business actors established for less than 3 (three) years.

Porkorindo NGO Zainal Abidin began to speak out about the destruction of the quality of the wayrarem bridge duplication construction project, Abung Kunang sub-district, North Lampung regency, emphatically saying that the detailed data contained in the business entity qualifications/classifications listed in the data only contained two items of Implementing Services for Construction of Educational Buildings BG007 and Implementing Services for the Construction of Health Buildings BG008 Meanwhile, according to the qualification requirements at the LPSE, only Bridge, Flyover, Tunnel and Subways Construction Services (SI004) are accepted, but the tender committee and PPK are the determinants of the activities.

The amount of information that has been circulating in various print and online media regarding the implementation of the Way Rarem Bridge Duplication Development activity, which has a very large budget that has been used, has become a very warm speaker because it is suspected that this activity is not in accordance with the BQ / RAB that has been tendered in the construction implementation. The Talut Penahan Cliff (TPT) strongly suspects that the resistance during the rainy season is not able to withstand the water discharge, firmly Alex, with his close nickname as a community leader in North Lampung Regency, said that in administration alone, CV Hendra Cipta Laksana did not deserve to be the winner because the SBU was not in accordance with the work that has been carried out and the effects of the dredging project or the results of the KKN, the quality in the field becomes chaotic or in this case it is necessary for the PUPR ministry inspectorate to be able to provide severe sanctions because there are allegations that the CV implementing the activity has violated the law contained in am Criminal Code articles 263 to 265 and further Marwiyah said he would immediately report to law enforcement officials according to the data in his team he told the media crew.