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Functions and uses of wheels on vehicles

Navigasi - You guys definitely want your vehicle to look fierce or fashionable and cool to look at.
Functions and uses of wheels on vehicles
Functions and uses of wheels on vehicles

To realize your wishes, of course you add automotive components and modify one of the automotive components or spare parts that are often modified and painted to make it look cool, namely the wheels (rims) of your vehicle.

But sometimes there are some people who modify the wheels / rims of their vehicles so extreme that they even forget to keep them safe while driving, maybe because they don't know the actual function of the wheels / rims of the vehicle.

Wheel / rim function

The function of the wheels on the vehicle is to support the load / weight of the vehicle and as a foothold for the tires so that the vehicle can move.

From the explanation of the function of the rim / wheel above how important this component / wheel spare part is because if the origin of the installation is not according to its strength to support the weight of your vehicle it will have very fatal consequences which will result in the loss of your life.

Even though there are many wheels on the market on offer for your vehicle to make it look sporty and cool.

However, standard wheels have been adjusted to the load of your vehicle which in its manufacture has gone through various manufacturing processes and with careful calculations in its manufacture based on your vehicle's safety standards.

So that in terms of safety and comfort in driving standard wheels the quality is more guaranteed.

So if you want to replace your vehicle's wheels with wheels that are not factory standard / racing wheels, you should first consult with the expert or the technician where you replace the wheels because the risks are quite dire, such as loss of comfort while driving, less maximum gas pull (slower), costs issued is not cheap and the safety is still a question mark.

Maybe that's a little input from me personally, if you want to add, you can comment below.