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how to masturbate and the dangers of masturbation

Navigasi - masturbation is sexual stimulation that is deliberately carried out on the genital organs to obtain sexual pleasure and satisfaction. This stimulation can be done without aids or using an object or tool, or a combination thereof.

how to masturbate and the dangers of masturbation
how to masturbate and the dangers of masturbation

Masturbation is the most common form of autoeroticism, although it can also be done with the help of other people. Actually there is no right or wrong way to masturbate. However, most men engage in sexual activity by touching, massaging, or gently swiping the penis.

To masturbate safely, you can try the following tips:

1. Keeping the penis clean when masturbating

Cleanliness of the penis before and after masturbation is important to maintain. A dirty penis can emit an unpleasant odor, dirty liquid or crust on the tip of the penis (especially on an uncircumcised penis), even irritation and infection.

For that, make sure that you have cleaned the penis and washed your hands before and after masturbation. As much as possible use soap that is mild and does not contain fragrance so that the penis does not experience irritation, then wash it with warm water.

2. Stimulate the penis gently

When you want to masturbate, men are advised not to do it in a rough way. In addition, also avoid holding the penis too hard, or inserting certain objects into the penis to achieve sexual satisfaction. It is feared can make the penis injured.

3. Using lubricant when masturbating

Some men like to masturbate using lubricants. The use of lubricants when masturbating can provide maximum pleasure for some men. If you want to use a lubricant, you should choose a water-based one.

4. Avoid masturbation when the penis is problematic

In general, masturbation is safe as long as your penis is healthy. Masturbating when the penis is unhealthy, such as when you have a penile skin infection or balanitis, or when you are experiencing a sexually transmitted disease can risk aggravating the condition of the penis and spreading the viruses and bacteria that cause the disease.

To support penis health, make sure you adopt a healthy lifestyle and avoid risky sexual behavior.

So far, there really isn't a maximum standard for how many times masturbation can be done in one day or one week. As long as it is done within reasonable limits and does not interfere with health, then masturbation may still be done.

If you masturbate too often, you can experience swelling, pain or sores on the penis. If you experience this complaint, immediately consult a doctor.

It is also possible that you will experience masturbation addiction, so that the quality of your sexual life with your partner and your productivity at work or study will be disrupted. If it's like this, you need to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

9 dangers of masturbation that you need to know

coli itself has masturbation dangers that you need to know about lying down, which are as follows:

Masturbation is the term manual sexual activity to satisfy oneself using the hands or the help of other tools such as sex toys, soap and pillows. Men who are addicted sometimes make masturbation a daily activity, and some even admit that they cannot sleep before masturbating. Too often masturbation can even be dangerous and have a negative impact on health and the body. Here are nine dangers of masturbation that you need to know:

1. Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation or ending too soon when having actual sex. When doing masturbation, usually people tend to do it in a hurry in the hope of achieving orgasm soon. This rush of masturbation will get used to the nervous system to have sex quickly while making love, and the result is premature ejaculation.

2. Weak sex drive when married

The desire to have sex is sometimes very low because they are used to masturbating when they are young.

3. Causing stupidity

People in the past said that excessive masturbation would lead to stupidity because they always imagined pornographic things and the orientation of thoughts was always negative.

4. The body becomes thin and weak

Thoughts that are always negative and think that is pornographic will make a lot of energy drained. This causes the body to be thin.

5. It's hard to enjoy actual sex with women

Because since teenagers are used to feeling sex by masturbation. The penis that is accustomed to a certain pressure from the hand becomes unresponsive to stimulation from the vagina.

6. Feelings of guilt

Too often masturbation will lead to feelings of inferiority and self-doubt in social circles, and sometimes feelings of guilt arise.

7. Tearing her virginity hymen layer

For young women who often masturbate or masturbate can tear the hymen lining her virginity. For women, this should be taken care of.

8. Experiencing impotence or erectile failure

People who do masturbation, are used to creating mental stimulation in the form of fantasies. This makes the penis unaccustomed to physical stimulation when having actual sex with a woman.

9. Often daydreaming and thoughts are always negative

The behavior of too often masturbation or masturbation will sometimes make social adaptation limited.

The behavior of too often masturbation or masturbation will sometimes make social adaptation limited.

Masturbation activity is dangerous if done excessively, a study at the University of Padua led by Urology Professor Carlo Foresta, states that masturbation can cause erectile dysfunction in men. 70 percent of young men who experience sexual disorders have the same habit of watching too much porn and viewing nude photos followed by masturbation.

There are still many dangers of masturbation that can arise. Even though these dangers are mostly psychological in nature, if not addressed immediately they will have an impact on the physical as well.

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