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Hundreds of Millions in Bank Missing, Principal in Lamtim Reports Two Teachers to Police

Navigasi - Two teachers of Elementary School (SD) Negeri 4 Ratnadaya, North Raman District, East Lampung Regency were reported to the Police for the alleged theft of hundreds of millions of rupiah belonging to the school principal kept in the bank.

Hundreds of Millions in Bank Missing, Principal in Lamtim Reports Two Teachers to Police
Hundreds of Millions in Bank Missing, Principal in Lamtim Reports Two Teachers to Police

The head of SD Negeri 4 Ratna Daya, Sri Muslimah (59) revealed that she was forced to report two teachers at her school because they allegedly stole her Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card and drained IDR 137 million from her savings.

Sri Muslimah's report is contained in the Police Report number: STTLP/ B/ 614/ XI/ 2022/ SPKT/ Polres East Lampung/ Polda Lampung dated 2 December 2022.

"I found out that the money was missing when I checked the money at Bank BRI. We have already made a report regarding this case to the Police, already to the Police. My first hope is that the money must be returned and the second is that the thief must be arrested according to the law. -law, then the third one is fired both," Sri said when interviewed by media crew accompanied by her attorney, Friday (16/12/2022).

Sri told the chronology of the disappearance of the money at the bank which she planned to use to go to the holy land.

"The first time he found out was a few days ago, I wanted to take a short vacation, so I planned to register for Umrah later. never took any money," he said.

"I deny that, because if I took it I would have taken it via BRI. Then the BRI person said, this is at BRI Link Kedaton, Batanghari Nuban District, where I took it. Even though I have never been to BRI Link Kedaton," he added.

Sri revealed, in detail the chronology of the loss of money from savings at the bank. After learning that his savings were missing, the principal came to BRI Link Kedaton with the assistance of Bank BRI employees.

"When I came home, I was picked up by BRI employees and then we went to BRI Link Kedaton to find out who took the money. After arriving and asking the officers, it turned out that a lot of money had been taken. Apparently, this person had asked to take Rp. 75 million, only because you can't, in the end you can only withdraw Rp. 50 million," he explained.

From the BRI Link Kedaton employee, Sri admitted that she received information that two of her school teachers who had ASN and honorary status took her Umrah savings.

"After I showed a photo of a teacher who taught at my school, it turned out that the BRI Link employee confirmed that the person who took the photo was taken 9 times but used two account books, one BRI account, then one account for my certification. So both of them were taken," he explained.

Even so, the two teachers who were suspected of by the principal were reluctant to admit their alleged theft. For this incident, Principal Sri Muslimah reported the two of them to the East Lampung Police Headquarters.

"As for their confessions, they haven't yet. How come they can take my ATM from them, but there is a possibility they took it from the wallet in my bag secretly. These two actors work here, the teachers are all here, one Civil servants with one honor," concluded Sri.

Sri Muslimah's attorney, Dikki Kurnia Azis, said that her party would try to maximize legal assistance for her client so that the case would be solved as soon as possible.

"We hope that we as attorneys will be processed according to the rules because our party has been harmed. Because the perpetrators are as teaching staff or teachers so they can be a consideration or example for the community not to do or do things that are wrong," said Dikki.

Head of Criminal Investigation Unit of the East Lampung Police IPTU Johannes Erwin Parlindungan Sihombing admitted that he had received the Principal's report. His party has delegated the case to the North Raman Police Headquarters to be followed up.

"That case is true, the report has been received but we have handed it over to the Polsek. Furthermore, the Polsek will handle it," concluded Johannes.

From the information gathered, the two reported female teachers each had the initials SY, a teacher with ASN status, and EN, a teacher with honorary status. Both are known to be active teaching staff at SD Negeri 4 Ratna Daya, North Raman District, East Lampung Regency.