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Mitsubishi Will Import Pajero Sport Back To Indonesia

Navigasi - The very significant increase in sales for PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) small MPV, Xpander is likely to have an impact on other models of the manufacturer bearing the three diamonds.

Mitsubishi Will Import Pajero Sport Back To Indonesia
Mitsubishi Will Import Pajero Sport Back To Indonesia

The reason is that there are plans to pursue the production of this Toyota Avanza competitor, the Pajero Sport will return to import status, aka CBU.

According to the Director of Sales & Marketing Division of PT MMKSI, Irwan Kuncoro, until now the Pajero Sport is still being produced in Indonesia.

So, even if it is related to the import plan, actually it is a temporary plan, because it is part of the capacity building for Xpander," Irwan explained on the sidelines of a media gathering, in Central Jakarta, recently.

Irwan continued, the plan for the status of the Pajero Sport to be re-imported has not yet been realized. And speaking of how long, it must be seen first, when the start time, because until now it has not been implemented (pajero Sport import).

"Actually, for the customer, it doesn't matter if you want to import or local, the product is the same. As for prices, if there is concern that it will increase because of imports, no. But if asked about the strategy, every year there will definitely be an increase because biofuels also increase," he concluded.

Mitsubishi Motors Thailand launched the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Elite Edition. This car is the latest iteration of Mitsubishi's most popular model which is on a new, more luxurious level.

Launching ThaiPR, this limited edition version gets an improved appearance on the exterior and interior. "The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is an extraordinary model, offering unparalleled performance, technology, safety, functionality and driving experience. As our pursuit to be at the forefront, we have taken steps to enhance the Pajero Sport with elegance and superior components. This car was built to inspire success in your own way," said Mitsubishi Motors Thailand President and CEO, Morikazu Chokki.

Pajero Sport Elite Edition comes in two versions, 2WD and 4WD. While the exterior is offered in two colors, Jet Black Mica and White Pearl. The Jet Black Mica version carries an aggressive premium look, with additional accessories including embossed hood lettering, black front grille, black undercarriage, black roof rails, rear spoiler, exhaust finisher, black rear under-garnish, and black 18-inch wheels.

The White Pearl version flaunts luxurious styling and a sporty touch with a two-tone finish. Using a Jet Black Mica roof that contrasts sharply with the same body color and accessories.