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signs of car oil must be replaced and the benefits of oil in the vehicle engine

Navigasi - Today's vehicles have become one of the basic human needs to be able to carry out various daily activities for both students and workers as the function of the vehicle is to make long distances accessible in a short time.

signs of car oil must be replaced and the benefits of oil in the vehicle engine
signs of car oil must be replaced and the benefits of oil in the vehicle engine

Currently, most of the people already have private vehicles, be it motorbikes or cars, which are very helpful for our work activities.

Benefits of Oil for Vehicle Engines

One of the simple vehicle maintenance that anyone can do is to routinely change the oil in our vehicles, both cars and motorbikes, as we know that vehicle oil has many great benefits for vehicles, including the following:

Oil as engine lubricant

One of the benefits of oil is as a vehicle engine lubricant, as we know that inside the engine block itself there are many gears, pistons and other components made of iron which rub against each other to operate the vehicle so that it can run on the highway so as to facilitate the movement of the gear in need lubricant (lubricant) so that the movement of the gears becomes smooth when the rotation of each gear occurs.

Useful oil as an engine coolant

Oil is also useful for cooling the engine as explained above that in the engine block there are many gears, pistons and vehicle spare parts made of iron which rub against each other when rotating which of course also generates heat energy from the friction between the gears made of iron and the presence of oil. Its SAE (viscosity) is in accordance with the needs of the engine block so it can reduce the heat generated by the rotation of the gear rotation of your vehicle's engine.

In another sense, choosing the right oil SAE (viscosity) for your vehicle is one of the factors in maximizing the oil's function as an engine coolant because if you use oil that is too thin, your vehicle's engine will heat up quickly and evaporate (smoke comes out) and if it is too thick, it will cause gear rotation and piston will become heavier.

Oil is useful for preventing rust

Another benefit of oil is that it prevents iron oxidation as we know that the cause of iron surfaces being rusty is due to iron oxidation in the air.

We can see this or prove it by simply comparing iron that is lubricated with oil with iron that is not lubricated with oil, we can be sure that iron that is not lubricated with oil will quickly become rusty.

Oil serves to remove dirt

When the vehicle engine is turned on, the oil will circulate into the gaps in your vehicle's engine. From this circulation, the oil will carry various dirt particles in your vehicle's engine, be it dirt, rust, fine iron and other impurities caused by iron friction in the engine block. and residual fuel combustion will be carried away by oil circulation.

So when we change the oil, the dirt will also be wasted so that your vehicle's engine will be much cleaner than before.

Signs that your vehicle needs an oil change quickly

From the explanation above about the benefits of oil, it can be ascertained that oil change is an important maintenance for our vehicles, both for our motorbikes and cars.

However, it is not uncommon for us to forget or even not know when we have to change the oil even though it is actually very easy to find out because oil that is no longer suitable for use in vehicles will have signs like the following:

The smoke from the exhaust is billowing and colorful

We can see signs that the oil needs to be replaced, be it a motorbike or a car, from the color of the smoke emitted by the exhaust of our vehicles, which will be darker and whitish in color than usual.

In addition, the amount of smoke produced from the exhaust will be much more than usual, which is caused by the faster evaporation of oil than usual due to changes in the SAE (thickness) of the oil, which becomes thinner because it has been used for too long and has never been replaced with new oil.

Vehicle engines produce a rougher sound

The effect of changing the SAE oil caused by using the oil for too long or having to be replaced causes the engine rotation to rotate too fast, which results in the sound being produced to be very rough.

Therefore, if you hear the sound of your car or motorcycle engine getting rougher, it means that your vehicle needs an oil change.

Engine performance is less responsive

We can also see another thing from the performance of your vehicle's engine which is less responsive than usual caused by vehicle oil that is too dirty, affecting vehicle performance.

So if your vehicle feels less responsive and heavier than usual, that means your vehicle is asking for a new oil change.

The color of the vehicle oil turns much darker

We can see dirty oil from its dark or dark black color which is the result of dirt from your vehicle's engine that has been used for too long and the oil is rarely changed.

We can interpret that the change in the color of the vehicle's oil to dark black is a sign that your vehicle's oil needs to be replaced.

Oil change reminder card

We can also find out when the vehicle's oil needs to be replaced by checking the oil change reminder card when we do monthly oil changes and servicing.

We can see from the card the standard usage of the vehicle up to the kilometer limit we have to change our vehicle's oil

The oil indicator is on

If you use a four-wheeled vehicle or car, it usually has an oil usage indicator where when the oil needs to be changed, the indicator on the car will light up.

If the indicator is still functioning properly or is not damaged, it can be a benchmark for you to change your vehicle's oil.

Those are the benefits and signs that vehicle oil must be replaced, thank you for visiting our blog, I hope it is useful for you.