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Spaniards Before Islam Entered

Navigasi - In the past, Spain before Islam entered, was under the Roman empire. The Romans were able to control the peninsula in 133 AD. During their reign, a large number of Jews also entered. The Vandal tribes in the fifth century C.E. were able to attack the Romans. Since then the name of Spain changed to Vandalusia, namely the land of the Vandals. The Arabs then named it al-Andalusia, which is better known as Andalusia.

At the beginning of the sixth century (507 AD) the tribes of the West Ghathia were also able to attack Spain and they drove the Vandals into Africa. The Ghatians were then able to successfully establish a strong government in Andalusia. Until it turned into a weak nation due to the rampant slavery, economic imbalance because farmers and traders were required to bear burdensome taxes and the imposition of Christianity on the population.

The slaves were forced to work on agricultural land owned by the rulers, the middle layer of Spanish society was forced to bear the burden as a source of income and expenditure for the State with various types of taxes and those who collected wealth to be handed over to the rulers. The Christian monks managed to issue very strict orders and sanctions to everyone who was reluctant to accept and become a follower of the Christian religion. As a result, people become miserable, miserable and depressed.

The Jews, unable to bear such impositions, repeatedly rebelled. But their efforts failed, and only caused their houses to fall apart and many of them were forced to become followers of the Christian religion.

That was the condition of the people of Andalusia before being conquered by Islam, while the condition of the people of North Africa lived in a state of prosperity when they were under Islamic rule, namely the Umaiyah Daula who ruled fairly. So it is not surprising that the Spanish people hoped that they could free themselves from the cruelty of the Ghathias.

Meanwhile, North Africa was controlled by the Umayyad Daula during the reign of Abdul Malik bin Marwan (685-705) and appointed Hasan bin Nu'man al-Ghassani as governor in that area. During the time of Caliph al-Walid bin Abdul Malik, the governor of North Africa was replaced by Musa bin Nusair. He expanded his territory by occupying Algeria and Morocco.

When this area was controlled by the Ghathia kingdom, he often incited the population to riot and oppose Islamic rule. But after this area can really be controlled by Muslims, they can focus their attention on conquering Spain. Thus, North Africa became a springboard for Muslims in conquering Spain.