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This is the list of the biggest malls in Lampung

Navigasi - The biggest, best, best, most complete list of malls in Lampung. The mall in Lampung is growing every year. Now it is more complete with the presence of large, national-scale class malls that have reached areas in various districts in Lampung.

For those of you who want to take a trip to Lampung, apart from visiting tourist attractions, you can also go on shopping tours to existing malls. There are lots of shopping centers in Lampung that you can visit with various choices of groceries.Come on, see the full explanation. Here is a list of malls in Lampung :

1. Boemi Kedaton Mall

Boemi Kedaton Mall is the second largest mall in Bandar Lampung which is located at Jalan Sultan Agung Bandar Lampung.

This mall can be said to have its address at Jalan Sultan Agung or Jalan Teuku Umar Kedaton Bandar Lampung. The location is right beside the Kedaton flyover, it's only natural that it's called the Boemi Kedaton Mall. The best mall facilities in this mall are quite complete, from children's playgrounds, cinemas, places to buy household needs such as ACE Hardware and Electronics, culinary places to places to buy souvenirs.

The Boemi Kedaton Mall is also equipped with a hotel which is in the same building as the mall. So, if you want to shop, you can immediately leave the hotel and go straight to the shopping center that you are going to.

2. Lampung City Mall

Lampung Province now has a new mall called Lampung City Mall. The location of the Lampung City Mall is in the Teluk Betung area, Bandar Lampung in the direction towards Panjang.

From the city center of Bandar Lampung it is a bit far. However, this mall is one of the most complete malls with shopping center facilities, apartments and a hospital.

3. Transmart Lampung

Transmart is one of the good choices of malls in Lampung, Transmart Lampung is equipped with children's playgrounds. You must know Trans Studio Mini? Well, in Transmart Lampung there is a modern playground, namely Trans Studio Mini Lampung.

This mall in Lampung just opened in 2017 and is equipped with other complete facilities such as cinemas, culinary spots, as well as various places to shop for clothes and others. Culinary at Transmart Lampung is quite diverse, not inferior to the culinary delights at Mall Boemi Kedaton Bandar Lampung.

Transmart Lampung is also fun to be used as a night tour, hanging out to spend weekly nights, or just washing your eyes. The location of Transmart Lampung is in Way Halim, which can be reached using public transportation or public transportation.

4. Mall Kartini

Mall Kartini has many terms among the people of Lampung, some call it Moka, short for Mall Kartini, some call it Mall CP Lampung.

As the name suggests, Mall Kartini is located on Jalan Kartini Bandar Lampung, one row with other malls and shopping centers, such as Pasar Bambu Kuning or Pasar BK. What you usually look for from Mall Kartini is usually the schedule of cinema films at the Kartini Mall, just like other malls.

At Mall Kartini we can also buy various kinds of cellphones, and also Erafone, as well as various delicious culinary places and children's games.

5. Central Plaza

Central Plaza Lampung Mall is one of the biggest malls in Lampung and has been around for a long time in Lampung.

Because of its strategic location, it is in the city center and easy to reach using public transportation. The existence of a cinema also keeps this mall operating until now.

Famous culinary franchise places are also here like Mc Donald and others. The location of Central Plaza is not far from Mall Kartini, only a few meters away.

6. Mall Chandra Lampung

Another best mall in Lampung is Chandra Tanjung Karang, the people of Bandar Lampung are of course very familiar with this legendary mall in Lampung.

The location is in downtown Tanjung Karang, close to the station as well as other shopping centers, the lower market and the middle market.

7. Ciplaz Mall / Robinson Ramayana

If you want to find a cheap mall in Lampung, Robinson Ramayana Rajabasa is the right choice.

Inside Ciplaz Mall there is a Robinson supermarket which is usually used for shopping for household materials such as cheap oil promos and so on.

Unfortunately, this mall is now increasingly empty of visitors. Even though the price of goods here is somewhat cheaper compared to other malls in Bandar Lampung.The location of this mall is on the left side of the road, before the Rajabasa Terminal.

8. Simpur Center

Simpur Lampung Mall is the other biggest mall in Lampung which has remained in existence for many years.

Simpur Center is a mall where there are still many visitors, because there are so many goods sold and the prices are friendly, it is very suitable to be a recommendation for shopping places.

9. Partners 10 Building Malls

Mitra 10 Building Mall is a mall that is used for shopping for building materials, you can come to Mitra 10. Here are sold a variety of building materials from ceramics, paint, electronic equipment, and so on.

The location is in the Rajabasa area. Next to the Fly Over, opposite the Honda Dealer. On the side of the main road.

10. Plaza Lotus

This plaza, which is located on Jalan Kartini, Bandar Lampung, used to be the busiest during its heyday. But now, Plaza Lotus has lost ground to other malls.

Even so, we can still try to come there to find the things we need.

11. Depo Bangunan

Another building mall in Lampung is the Building Depo. Located on Jalan Soekarno Hatta or By Pass from Tanjung Karang, the distance is a little far indeed. The Building Depot also often provides promos for purchasing building materials and house materials.

So, that was some information about the biggest mall in Bandar Lampung (*)