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Why Women Sigh During Sex

Navigasi - Some women may also moan and scream in bed during sex, but you don't have to worry about that as much as you usually do.

Why Women Sigh During Sex
Why Women Sigh During Sex

Trust us, when we tell you that's his love language. Why do women moan during sex?

It was because they had such an indescribable time that they couldn't help but express it in different voices.

Isn't it so hot when women make sounds during sex? Moaning, and sometimes even moaning all add so much sensation to the sexual experience. When a man knows a woman is having fun, she starts having fun with her style too.

Sighing is a form of expression for a woman and an indication that she is really enjoying her sexual experience.

Women moan during sex for a variety of reasons, which are discussed extensively below. Women are very dynamic creatures, which is why reading them is not that easy.

One of the fun facts that women experience when having sex is the habit of sighing. Yep, women often make sighs, screams, and even screams when their partners can play well. This doesn't just happen in movies, but in reality too. The more the girls enjoyed the game, the louder their moaning became.

There are various reasons that cause women to sigh during sex, this is because women use many senses to digest sexual activity. Therefore he will express in different ways including making sounds.

6 Causes of Women Sighing During sex

Not without cause, this is the reason women sigh during sex.

1. Because the game is 'fun'

For women, intimacy during sex with sighs is directly proportional. This is likened to when you swallow your saliva when you see delicious food in front of you. Likewise sex, with fun partner games, you will respond with unconscious sighs.

2. Helping couples get aroused

Men also feel happy because their partners can sigh freely because of their games.

3. To slow down the rhythm of sex

When a man hears his partner's soft sighs, he will think that her partner is enjoying what he is doing. This can also be a code so you don't need to rush during sex. Slowing down the rhythm of sex is also the reason women sigh during sex in anticipation of men getting an orgasm soon.

4. Focus on what you feel

With all the complexities that women have, sighing can also be interpreted as how she is focused on what she is feeling. The stages of sex he does with his partner will make him enjoy every process, from the start, foreplay to climax. Sighs also indicate the depth of his focus on the sexual activity.

5. Silent sex is very monotonous

Silent sex can mean that this partner is less expressive of the game that is in progress. Sometimes this can also make sex monotonous and that's all. Why not give a little sigh to make sex more lively?

6. Pain response during sex

While many of the reasons women moan during sex are for pleasure, it can also mean the opposite. Women sighing can be due to the response to pain during sex. This can happen when their partner is doing something rude and makes them uncomfortable.