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what is wood wall panel

Kistang - Wooden wall panels, guys, are a cool option for those of you who want to create a natural and warm look for your homes. Let me explain what wall panels actually are. Wall panels are sheets of boards with specific designs and patterns. By installing these wall panels, you can cover up walls that have faded paint, holes, damages, or peeling layers of plaster.

what is wood wall panel
what is wood wall panel

So, installing wall panels will make your house interior more aesthetic. They usually have a 3D shape, making the walls appear more voluminous and appealing. The thickness of the panels varies, ranging from 8 mm to 15 mm. You can even request thicker panels if you prefer custom-made ones.

Wooden wall panels
Wooden wall panels

Nowadays, there are plenty of customizable wall panels available, allowing you to match them with your unique home style. Whether your house has a minimalist, simple, modern, or Japandi design, wall panels are suitable for all themes.

Wooden wall panels offer numerous advantages, which is why many people choose them. One of the advantages is the artistic and aesthetic impression they bring to a room. For example, in a Joglo house where 80% of the materials, including the walls, are made of wood, installing wall panels not only enhances the beauty but also helps preserve cultural heritage. Additionally, wooden wall panels create a natural and warm atmosphere in the house.

That's not all, guys. Installing wall panels also speeds up the construction process. Why? Because wooden panels are preformed, you just need to follow the initial design. Unlike cement or brick walls that require intricate arrangements. Moreover, wooden panels are environmentally friendly.

However, despite their numerous advantages, wooden wall panels also have their drawbacks, and it's important to be aware of them to consider how to overcome them. One of the drawbacks is that the installation process can be a bit complicated at first. Pay close attention to details such as how the walls stand and the locking system. Once you have figured out the initial steps, the wooden wall panels can be quickly installed since they are ready to use. So, if you want a proper installation, it's crucial to hire a professional service.

Another drawback is the higher risk of fire associated with wood materials. Wood is more susceptible to catching fire compared to other materials due to its inherent properties. However, you can minimize this risk by avoiding placing flammable items near fire sources.

Alright, guys! Let me tell you about these amazing wooden wall panels!

Outdoor Wooden Wall Panels

If you want to change the look of the exterior of your house to avoid monotony, you can use outdoor wooden wall panels. There are plenty of design options available, but the most important thing is the material used. Since these wall panels will be installed on the exterior of the house, they need to withstand weather conditions and be durable.

For example, you can choose wall panels made from wooden decking. Usually, decking wood is used for outdoor areas like rooftops, gardens, yards, or poolside. Now, you can utilize decking wood to create beautiful wall panels for your home, guys!

Living Room Wooden Wall Panels

For the living room, we always want something beautiful and aesthetic, right? So, go for wooden wall panels with a herringbone pattern. With this pattern, you won't need to add any other wall decorations.

The herringbone pattern is incredibly beautiful and can make the room feel warm. It has a rectangular or parallelogram shape that zigzags. If you're tired of ordinary patterns, give the herringbone pattern a try. It's so mainstream!

Classic Wall Panels

If you prefer a classic style, choose wooden panels with dark colors and simple motifs. Alternatively, you can use a mixed pattern so you don't have to worry about arranging them. Just install them randomly, and the artistic look will be enhanced.

Wall Panels with Prominent Texture

Wall panels with a prominent texture are also in trend! They make the house look more artistic. The textured wood also creates a natural and vibrant ambiance. If you combine them with decorative plants and stones, you'll have an attractive and serene space.

Woven Pattern Wall Panels

Another unique option to try is wooden wall panels with a woven pattern. It's creative and innovative, guys! The design can be a bit tricky, as it consists of square wooden sheets and horizontal wood pieces. So, it's best to have someone experienced install them.

Rustic-style Wall Panels

If you want something that looks incredibly natural, try rustic-style wooden wall panels. They are perfect for houses with an industrial style. You can choose circular-shaped wooden wall panels and install them in an abstract manner to add an artistic touch.

So, those were some examples of wooden wall panels that you can choose from, guys. I hope it's helpful for those of you who want to make your homes even more stylish!

Tips for Caring for Wooden Wall Panels to Keep Them Looking Amazing

If you don't want your wall panels to look dull and develop unsightly stains, it's essential to take good care of them. So, for those of you who have wooden wall panels, it's important to maintain them regularly to keep your house beautiful and impressive.

First and foremost, it's crucial to clean the wooden wall panels from dust on a routine basis. Don't forget to clean the corners and remove any cobwebs. You can use a dry cloth, duster, or soft cloth for this purpose.

It's best to avoid using wet cloth to clean them. Wetness can cause the wooden wall panels to deteriorate over time. If they accidentally get splashed with water, immediately dry them with a clean cloth. Occasionally, you can apply a thin layer of oil to keep the wood moist. Remember not to hammer nails into the panels to prevent leaving marks and holes.

Wow, using wooden wall panels is really cool! There are so many designs and models to choose from. Just make sure you are diligent in taking care of them, and your wooden walls will continue to look beautiful and appealing for a long time.

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