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About Us

Kistang.com is a social organization under the auspices of PT. Navigasi info Tbk which aims to make people get useful information and also foster a love of reading and writing in the community, especially the people of North Lampung, most of whom are illiterate.

We are very concerned about the poverty of the Lampung people who do not get education and also to foster a desire to learn from an early age. Navigasi info We can need donations from donors who have excess assets to help our organization so that children in Lampung no longer drop out of school

By approaching the community of the younger generation as the nation's successor, it is hoped that the Lampung people will have reliable writers or scientists from their love of reading and writing.

In addition Navigasi info helps the less fortunate by giving some of the donations that we collect from readers, which if you want to make a donation, you can click the image below:

You can read the address and contact as follows:

To contact us, you can immediately press the icon below :

email :

pasang iklan

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