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8 ways to care for cabinets made of wood

Kistang - Furniture made of wood has many advantages, no wonder the selling price is very high and there are quite a lot of enthusiasts of products made of wood.

One of the advantages of furniture made of wood is that it looks exotic and looks natural and classic, which is in great demand by domestic and foreign people.

In addition, rotting wood with age and mildew makes it dangerous for us and our families which at any time can fall on other furniture in our homes or can even fall on us and our families.

Not only that, termites and insects that live in the furniture can trigger various diseases that we don't want, so this time we will try to share tips on how to care for wood-based furniture so that it can be durable and long lasting inhabiting the property room of your home building.

Tips for caring for wooden cabinets

However, many of us are still confused and don't know how to properly and properly care for wooden cabinets, therefore we will give some tips for maintaining durable and long-lasting wooden cabinets which are as follows:

1. Proper Wardrobe Layout

Some people still underestimate the right layout. Just for the sake of the room they arrange looks good, they put a wooden wardrobe without knowing the cause and effect.

One example is the position of placing a wooden wardrobe that is too close to the wall, causing the wooden cabinet to be scratched and scratched.

In addition, this action makes wood cabinets quickly become moist and it makes wood mold quickly and quickly rots wood, therefore the layout of furniture made of wood should be paid more attention.

2. Upholstering wooden cabinets

As we all know, temperature greatly affects materials made of wood, including cabinets made of wood, which are susceptible to mold and weathering, as we mentioned above.

Therefore, it is not surprising that some people coat their wooden cabinets with plastic or with wood paint as the finishing of the cabinets, which aims to reduce the influence of temperature which makes the wood moist and rotten quickly.

3. Using a hair dryer

Some people often use a hair dryer to reduce humidity on furniture made of wood so that wooden cabinets are always dry and not damp.

How to use the hair dryer is not difficult when used in wooden cabinets where you simply take advantage of the temperature generated by the hair dryer on the furniture so that the humid temperature in the wooden cabinet disappears quickly.

4. Don't cover your wooden cabinets with paper

Most of us use paper such as newspapers, notebooks and others which are nutritious food for termites, cockroaches, and insects that damage other wooden furniture.

Therefore, as much as possible use some materials that do not use paper such as plastic and other materials that are not made of paper and others.

5. Use camphor

To overcome insects and unpleasant odors produced by furniture made of wood, especially cabinets, it would be better if you use camphor or camphor.

Give mothballs to the crevices of your closet by placing camphor so that insects that damage the wood material on your furniture do not occur.

6. Lift the cupboard when you want to move

When moving furniture such as chairs or cabinets made of other wood, we often move it by sliding or pushing it so that it often scratches the furniture made of wood.

Therefore, it would be wise if you move the furniture by lifting it even though it takes a lot of energy but it can avoid damage to our wooden cabinets.

7. Cleaning using dry lab

When cleaning wooden cabinets we often use a wet lab on our wooden cabinets which will cause the wooden cabinets to become damp.

In addition, the dirt on the wood becomes sticky and difficult to remove, it would be much better if you use a duster and a dry lab to clean our wooden cabinets, it is much better.

8. Use a special liquid for wood furniture

Instead of using water to clean the dirt on your wooden cabinets, it will be much better if you use a special polish furniture for wood.

Liquid Polish furniture is very good for furniture made of wood, especially if the furniture is painted with wood finishing and will also make the wooden cabinets look attractive and shiny

Polish liquid can also prevent moisture in furniture materials made of wood in the sense that Polish liquid is very useful for furniture made of wood raw materials.

Those are 8 ways to care for cabinets made of wood, hopefully it will be useful for you and thank you for visiting our blog.

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