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Teak VS Acacia wood

Kistang - In the world of woodworking, almost everyone knows teak and its advantages, teak is known as the wood with the first level of durability, this is supported by the oil content in it that can protect this wood from pests and destructive insects.Besides having the level of durability of this wood, it is also famous for its fine fibrous wood texture and beautifully decorated

With several advantages that have caused teak wood to be in great demand by consumers, especially the upper middle class economy, they choose teak wood as a material for making houses such as doors, windows and frames, as well as a basic material for making household items such as tables. , chairs, benches, cupboards, proper beds etc.

With the large number of consumers who need teak wood, the stock of teak in the market is running low and tends to move so that the price of this wood also increases with multiple increases and has a negative impact on furniture craftsmen, they find it difficult to get the raw materials for their furniture.

As time goes by, the craftsmen think of looking for other woods that have similarities with teak wood to meet their needs in producing furniture, and they find Acacia wood which is able to resemble teak wood.

Acacia wood has a wood color that is similar to the color of teak wood, and at first glance looks like teak wood so that many furniture craftsmen are interested in using acacia wood as an alternative wood to replace teak which is starting to be difficult to obtain.

However, there are some differences between teak wood and acacia wood, including the following:

1. Wood Grain

Acacia wood with teak has a striking difference, namely in the wood grain, if teak has smooth and beautiful fibers, on the other hand, acacia wood has rough wood fibers with fiber directions that are not in the same direction or mbulet in Javanese, the wood fibers of this acacia wood It is a little difficult for the furniture production workers whose activities are carried out manually when shingling the shingles, they have to turn the shingles frequently during shaving to get good results.

The rough acacia wood grain causes this wood to be less resistant to direct sunlight for a long time, acacia wood will experience a thousand cracks or even small cracks.

2. Wood Hardness

Acacia wood is classified as a wood that has a level of hardness with a very heavy weight even the weight and hardness of acacia wood exceeds the hardness of teak. This causes acacia wood to be difficult to carve, most carving workers object to carving on acacia wood considering the hardness of acacia wood causes carving tools or the tips of their carving knives to easily blunt and even break. So they prefer to carve teak wood.

3. Wood Price

When viewed in terms of price there is a very big difference, the price of acacia wood is very much cheaper than the price of teak which is sky high, this can be due to the stock of acacia wood is still a lot in the wood market, the amount of inventory with the amount needed by consumers is still balanced, this is supported by the growing period of acacia wood which is much faster when compared to teak which has a longer growing period with the demands of an extraordinary number of enthusiasts, causing the teak stock to be depleted and scarce in the wood market and triggering the price of teak to be increasingly expensive.

Those are some of the differences between teak wood and acacia wood, however, many furniture craftsmen use acacia wood as the basic material for making furniture items because acacia wood has a wood color that resembles the brown color of teak wood, so that furniture craftsmen make acacia wood as wood. alternative to teak wood.