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Disadvantages and advantages of trembesi wood for furniture

Kistang - Trembesi tree or Saman ablizia this plant is often planted as a landslide prevention because the water absorption capacity of the trembesi plant is very strong and steady.

Disadvantages and advantages of trembesi wood for furniture
Disadvantages and advantages of trembesi wood for furniture

Due to its extraordinary water absorption capacity, it is not surprising that the Trembesi tree abroad is called the rain tree, which in Indonesian means the rain tree.

Trembesi plants in Indonesia are also called kihujan, saur, baujan, munggur, and Ambon wood plants while the origin of the trembesi plant habitat comes from South America.

In addition to the great water absorption capacity, the Trembesi plant also absorbs CO2 (carbon dioxide / carbonic acid) which is strong and can absorb CO2 several times that of ordinary plants, which can absorb approximately 30 tons of CO2.

Due to its strong absorption, it is not uncommon for some of our people to consider this plant as a pest that disturbs their agricultural plants.

Trembesi plants are able to grow up to 25 meters high with a tree trunk diameter of up to 30 meters.

The use of the trembesi tree

As we know the absorption of trembesi plants is very great, not infrequently these trembesi plants are planted to prevent floods and landslides.

This also makes some areas plant this plant on various roads in the area although some people do not like the presence of this plant on the road because the roots of the trembesi plant are very wide and sometimes damage the streets and buildings close to the trembesi plant.

Besides being used as water absorption, the tamarind plant is also used to make beautiful and cool furniture, pleasing to the eye and the quality of the tamarind wood is no less good, which is included in the class of quality wood level 3-4 in terms of durability or durability.

The advantages and disadvantages of Trembesi wood in the manufacture of furniture are as follows.

Disadvantages and advantages of trembesi wood for furniture

The advantages of trembesi wood

Trembesi wood has a large diameter

Due to the diameter of the Trembesi wood which is quite large from wood for making furniture, you are not too bothered to look for large sizes of wood.

Which in the manufacture of large wood products you do not need to make connections in making it.

Trembesi wood has a beautiful wood pattern and wood grain

Trembesi wood has a natural wood color pattern and the wood grain is also more prominent than the usual wood.

So if you want to make furniture that wants to show a natural impression and the classic style of Trembesi wood can be used as an alternative to make the furniture.

Trembesi wood prices are cheaper

If you are engaged in the production of furniture, you can buy this wood at a fairly cheap price.

Due to the ability to grow and develop this wood is fairly fast, the same as sengon wood, but with a beautiful wood style and classic style

Disadvantages of Trembesi wood

Trembesi wood is not strong with termites and fungi

Trembesi wood belongs to class 3 - 4 wood which has poor durability, one of which is that this wood is not strong against insects and termites.

In addition, Trembesi wood is also susceptible to fungus, so it needs more care and handling to process it.

But for now, wood preservation techniques are sophisticated, you can deal with fungi and termites at once even though there are additional costs in processing.

Trembesi wood cannot support heavy loads

Trembesi wood is light wood, so if you make a furniture product that requires it to withstand heavy loads, it is not suitable and endangers you, you are very at risk of breaking and falling on people.

Trembesi wood is usually processed into furniture such as tables, chairs and wardrobes which only hold a light load.

Trembesi wood is easy to break

Trembesi wood is a type of wood that breaks easily, so you have to be a little careful in processing it.

Trembesi wood is not suitable for furniture that is placed outdoors

From the various kinds of shortcomings above, it can be ascertained that furniture products from processed wood trembesi are not suitable to be placed in outdoor (outdoors).

As we know trembesi wood is easily attacked by termites and fungi.

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