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Plywood advantages and disadvantages

Kistang - Plywood is often also called by our society by the name of plywood / multiplex is a wood material made of solid wood which is made into veneer core or faceback sheets then arranged into layers of wood sheets and then pressed with the appropriate pressure to form an arrangement such as boards or solid wood with a predetermined thickness, this also makes plywood a raw material for making furniture and buildings which is quite popularly used by our society.

Plywood advantages and disadvantages

Besides that, plywood also helps the ECO of the natural system to be maintained in another sense, it also helps reduce illegal logging of trees in the forest because we can make plywood using tree trunks from agricultural products such as sengon, rubber and others.

Plywood itself has a stronger front surface than the middle although basically to make plywood it is composed of layers of wood fibers that cross each other so that the strength of the wood is very hard and difficult to nail.


Utilization of plywood

For the use of plywood itself, including very much for building walls, household furniture, cabinets, chairs, tables and various furniture.
This is because the size of plywood or plywood is very varied and easy to use, it is not difficult to find the size we want.

Plywood advantages and disadvantages

Plywood (plywood) also has advantages over other types of wood, such as solid wood and others. We have summarized its advantages and disadvantages as follows:

Advantages of plywood (plywood)

There are many advantages of plywood, including the following:

Easy to get the size we want

As we mentioned above that Sanya plywood itself is made from an arrangement of layers of wood so that the thickness and width can be determined by ourselves or we order directly from the plywood company.

Therefore, to find plywood with the thickness and width of the wood, we can easily find it not as difficult as looking for solid wood in general.

Not shrinking

For plywood itself, it is far from shrinking because plywood has undergone a press process or is pressed with high pressure so that it is rare for us to get it to shrink.

Resistant to termites

Plywood is very resistant to termites because in the process of formation or manufacture it uses a chemical process which is very disliked by termites.

Plus the resin or glue to glue between the layers of wood is not liked by insects.

Weather resistant

Plywood or plywood is very resistant to various weathers because the manufacturing process uses a wood processing system with the latest advanced technology so that it can make the plywood resistant to fungus and wood weathering.

In addition, this process makes it difficult for plywood to be bent or bent which makes the appearance of the wood not good.

Smooth surface

The surface of the plywood is very smooth because it has undergone a finishing process so that the color and smoothness of the wood surface is guaranteed.


Plywood is very resistant to water, this is because the surface of the plywood is covered by a layer of hard wood on each surface.

Hard or sturdy

Plywood is made from layers of fibrous wood sheets that cross each other so as to make the structure of plywood (plywood) very sturdy or hard so that sometimes we can't assemble it using nails, we have to drill it and connect it with bolts and nuts.

Disadvantages of plywood

Plywood also has various drawbacks that are sometimes quite inconvenient for us to make household furniture that uses wood as its basic material:

Not good to be placed in outdoor

Even though plywood is resistant to water and weather, plywood is also not good to be placed in outdoor or outdoors because if your area often experiences extreme weather, it makes the durability of plywood reduce the durability of plywood, it is different if you use solid wood which without using glue or resin which is not strong against water.

Complicated manufacturing process

To make plywood, including quite complicated, especially when doing the finishing to suit what we need.

And also in the process of making it need special costs and stages in making it.

That's our review of plywood, hopefully it will be useful for readers and if you want to add it, you can comment below.

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