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5 Types of Hardwood in Indonesia that You Must Know

Kistang - Indonesia is not only famous for its abundant marine wealth but also rich in forest products. For example, the various types of wood produced by forests in Indonesia. The wood produced is classified as hard so that it is often used as material for making furniture, buildings, crafts and so on. Each type of wood produced also has different characteristics. Below will be explained about the types of hardwood in Indonesia.

teak wood

The type of teak wood that has high durability This type of wood is the most popular in Indonesia. How not, this wood is the main choice when making furniture or buildings. The reason is because it has such qualified quality that it can last a long time. Teak wood is also known for its strength and density which affects the durability of the wood so that it is resistant to termite attacks.

Teak wood is identical to the brown color and has a hardness between 630-720 Kgs/M3. The many advantages of teak wood make it the main choice to be processed into beautiful carvings and rustic products.

Merbau Wood

The next type of hardwood in Indonesia is merbau wood. This type of wood comes from Maluku and Papua. Due to being one of the hard woods, it earned it the nickname as iron wood. It should be noted that merbau wood is wood from Indonesia which has export quality.

Merbau wood is often used as a basic material for building construction, like trucks, bridge poles, parakeets for floors and so on. This is because merbau wood has hardness and durability. In addition, this wood also has a fairly high durability so that it can be used as raw material for marine construction.

Meranti Wood

hardwood type Making furniture with meranti wood Meranti wood or Kalimantan wood is often used to make furniture, frames and panels. In addition, meranti wood can also be used as pulp for paper and cosmetic ingredients. Meranti wood is said to be one type of wood that is quite hard. The hardness it has is between 580-770 Kgs/m.

Meranti wood has a reddish brown color and has no veins or grains. The quality of this type of wood is not inferior to the quality of teak. When viewed from the characteristics of this wood is very suitable as a building material or furniture.


The next type of hardwood is ironwood. Ironwood is very easy to find in Indonesia and can be used as a material for making ships. The characteristics of this wood such as resistance to changes in temperature and humidity, not easily attacked by termites and the influence of water because it is heavy and hard.

Not only can it be used for shipbuilding, this wood can also be used for making houses on stilts and craft materials. The level of strength and durability of uli wood is level I.

Ebony Wood

hardwood type The use of ebony wood for musical instruments and furniture This type of wood is a type of wood whose existence is scarce due to export activities. The characteristics of ebony wood are that it has a combination of black and brown colors and has contrasting veins with other types of Indonesian wood.

The level of strength and durability of ebony wood is at level I with an average density of 1.05. The specific gravity makes it unable to float in water. Ebony wood is often used as raw material for musical instruments, such as pianos, guitars and violins. In addition, also for sticks, carvings, statues and jewelry.

that's 5 types of hard wood in Indonesia that must be known. The five woods are not only hard but also have quality that cannot be doubted. Hopefully it's useful!

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