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Tips for Choosing a Durable Wardrobe Material

Kistang - The materials used to make a wardrobe are an important factor that you need to consider when buying a wardrobe. Each wardrobe material has quality with its own advantages and disadvantages which also affect its long-term function and benefits.

Although each type of wardrobe material can also be used for different furniture, it will be more profitable if the advantages of each material are adjusted to its function.

So that you don't choose the wrong wardrobe material that you will buy, let's see an explanation of the various materials and their advantages:

Cabinet material is made of solid wood

As the name implies, solid wood uses whole wood raw materials without a mixture of other materials, so it is stronger and sturdier than processed wood. The types of solid wood that are widely used for wardrobes are teak, sungkai, or nyatoh. Solid teak wood is usually chosen because it has beautiful wood veins so it is good for exposure and is more resistant to weather and termites. However, because of the high price, sungkai wood and nyatoh wood can also be used as a substitute for teak because the price is cheaper. Sungkai wood and nyatoh wood tend to have a lighter color than teak. The drawback is that sungkai wood and nyatoh wood are not as strong as teak in resisting weather and termites.

Wardrobe material made of fabricated wood

Fabricated wood material is wood material made from processed wood types. Types of processed wood include plywood, blockboard, melamine faced chipboard (MFC), melamine, multi density fireboard (MDF), and particle board. In contrast to solid wood, fabricated wood is a combination of layers of wood or sawdust that is processed through a fabrication process and then made into cabinets. This material is one of the most popular and widely used materials due to its cheaper price than solid wood and a lighter and more elegant design. Even so, fabricated wood materials have disadvantages, namely they are more susceptible to termite attacks and the durability (durability) of cabinets is not as good as solid wood.

Wardrobe material made of iron

Cabinets made of iron are generally used to hang clothes and accessories such as bags, hats, and shoes. Safes have the advantage of being stronger, durable, long lasting, and not easily eaten by termites. Even so, the safe also has weaknesses, namely simple visuals, it is easy to damage or scratch other furniture and tile floors, and if the finishing of the safe is not good, it will easily rust.

Plastic Wardrobe Material

Plastic material is one of the materials that is quite popular and is used to make cabinets. Apart from being much cheaper, plastic cabinets are also light in weight so they are easy to move. Because of its light weight, plastic cabinets are generally only able to store items that are light in weight as well. Plastic cabinets generally also have a flexible design and can be assembled and disassembled. Another advantage of plastic cabinets is that they are anti-termite and mildew, so clothes stored in a vault tend to last longer.

Cabinet Material from Glass

Glass material has its own uniqueness when used as a wardrobe. With a transparent model, glass cabinets can be the right choice for storing and organizing your clothes or accessories as well as room decoration. Glass cabinets can give the effect of a room or room looking more modern and spacious. However, glass cabinets also have disadvantages such as having a weight that tends to be heavy so it is not easy to move and materials that are easily damaged or broken if not used carefully.

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