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Tips & How to Care for Furniture made of Teak Wood

Kistang - The question that often haunts those of you who are going to buy furniture or furniture from teak is how to care for it. Is it later that after buying there are difficulties in maintenance or even worse if there is damage. Don't worry because the Jepara Art Furnicraft Production Team will summarize the answers in this article How to Take Care of Teak Wood Furniture.

The Unpredictable Nature of Teak Wood

Tips & How to Care for Furniture made of Teak Wood
Tips & How to Care for Furniture made of Teak Wood

You need to know that teak or other natural wood has unpredictable or unpredictable properties. This means that changes in wood can occur even though the production process has gone through qualified production standards. Such as the wood drying process, strong coupling, the best materials & chemical treatment processes. Generally, wood cracks & wood shrinkage will cause damage to the furniture construction system. Another consequence would be to spoil the look.

Furniture Damage Due to Wrong Treatment

Damage to teak wood furniture can occur but that doesn't mean it always happens. In several cases of complaints from buyers, damage often occurs due to the use of furniture that is not in accordance with its function, placement & maintenance. Of course, this is not the reason for us as teak furniture manufacturers to be free from responsibility. We will provide warranty as after-sales service. Instead, this information will be an education for you on how to take care of the right furniture.

Use furniture from forest teak

This is a short way and you don't have to worry about the furniture you buy. Furniture from Perhutani teak wood is the best of the best. Because this wood occupies the highest caste as the best processed wood for furniture.

How to take care of the correct teak wood furniture?

To make it short, below is an effective way that will minimize furniture damage by taking proper care of teak wood furniture. These tips are a real study of us as a furniture manufacturer that comes from real problems and consultations from customers.

Clean Furniture Periodically

Furniture that is always kept clean is relatively more durable and long lasting. Clean periodically a week a maximum of 2 weeks with a vacuum cleaner (Vacum Cleaner) or a duster. Dirty furniture will invite insect pests such as cockroaches or wood termites.

Use Polish Furniture

To maintain the finishing layer so that the color of teak furniture is not dull, you can use furniture polish. Polish also serves to protect the surface of the furniture from friction or minor impacts. You can buy polish furniture at the nearest store or supermarket. There are so many types and brands ranging from spray or in the form of wood oil.

Place the Furniture in a Dry Place

Here you should try to keep your favorite furniture away from damp places as an effort to take care of teak wood furniture. For example, this can be done by placing chairs and a dining table far from the sink or a wet kitchen set in the kitchen room.

Don't put furniture against walls

In the placement of furniture layouts, we often encounter furniture layout positions that are often attached directly to the walls of the room. Whereas a position like this is prone to moisture and eventually wood pests and mold will arise. Arrange the layout of the furniture and place it in the middle of the room. This position makes the room more spacious and organized according to the function of the furniture itself. Furniture that is attached to the wall will certainly damage the wall paint and furniture finishing. The friction between the furniture and the wall over time will make the paint & furniture finish peeling off.

The use of furniture according to its function

The most effective way to treat furniture, especially for teak wood, is to use it according to its function and portion. Do not force furniture for indoor use. Indoor & Outdoor Furniture has a different construction system & type of finishing that has been adapted to its function. The use of upholstery material also differs according to its placement. Upholstery fabric for outdoor garden chairs is harder and water-repellent. The opposite also applies to concept furniture in the room.

Immediately Open Furniture Packaging

If you have just bought furniture, immediately open the packaging. Too long wooden furniture in the packing can also damage and cause the wood to be in a damp position. Remember that wood has UNPRREDICTIBLE natural properties.

Tea Residue Removes Dull Furniture Color

Don't get me wrong, it turns out that leftover tea is very useful for treating furniture made of teak wood. This method is able to beautify the appearance of your dull furniture without having to pay the slightest cost. Below are the steps on how to remove dull color from furniture

  1. Prepare 10 packs of used tea bags (removed from the package)
  2. Mix into 1 liter of boiling water
  3. Allow the mixture to cool and strain the tea soaking water
  4. The mixture is ready to be used for cleaning and caring for furniture

It's simple, how to get rid of dull colors in furniture like this will save you time, energy and money. Of course, if the dullness of your teak furniture is severe, you have to call a finishing service to completely change your teak furniture.

Immediately wipe up the spilled water, especially the stains

Tips & Ways to Care for the Right Teak Wood Furniture

Beverage spills such as coffee or oil stains are quite difficult to clean if left too long. For this reason, if there is a spill, immediately wipe and dry with a clean cloth or tissue. These stains are also often the result of former plates and glasses that have extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Special Treatment For Teak Furniture Types & Types

The following are additional tips for maintaining each type of furniture. The tips below are only in addition to the tips described above. Of course, there are different treatments between chairs, stor age cabinets, dining tables, etc.

Teak Chair & Sofa Care

Use Stoper / Furniture Leg Rest

Furniture is generally not equipped with a stopper/rubber retainer on the base, you must provide your own waterproof base. The furniture that we produce we always provide shoes or stoppers made of rubber or semi-plastic. Its function is very important as a barrier from the floor so that the furniture is not damp. Also keep the furniture more stable and not easy to shake even though the floor is bumpy.

Use Sofa Carpet Mat

For sofas or guest chairs, you can use carpets or mats so as not to damage the floors and furniture due to friction. In addition to furniture maintenance, carpets also serve to add to the aesthetic value of the interior.

Treatment For Dining Table & Guest Table

Use a Dining Tablecloth

So that the appearance of the furniture, especially the dining table and guest table, is always beautiful and well-maintained, always use a tablecloth. This will be very effective in preventing & protecting the finishing layer of furniture. A dining table that is not protected by a cloth cloth will quickly be damaged, dull and easily scratched. This tablecloth also serves to prevent circles of water marks from hot or cold glass.

Teak Wardrobe Maintenance & Storage

1. Use Camphor for Wood Pests in Cabinets & Storage

No less important, please put it in every corner of the cupboard with camphor or camphor. The function of this camphor or camphor is to protect clothes and interior cabinets from pests or wood insects. Even if the wood has been oven-baked and treated, insects from outside or from your own clothes can cause other problems. Always check your Camphor Wardrobe regularly and periodically. You can also put this camphor in a teak tv table drawer which will protect it from wood pests.

2. Maximize With Water Absorbent

For more leverage, you can also provide a water or moisture absorber which is widely sold in the nearest shops. This function is different from camphor or camphor, it is more significant to absorb moisture in the closet so that it is always awake and dry which ultimately makes your clothes smell good and not musty. Also protects the wood to make it more durable and not warped.

3. Avoid Use

Cardboard in the Wardrobe This is a very fatal condition if you intend to provide a base on a sheet of paper, cardboard or cardboard. Did you know that this cardboard is a breeding ground for pests quickly and massively. Paper will provide protection against wood pests such as termites and ether ether as well as food ingredients. The habit of putting paper mats under piles of clothes must be removed immediately.

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