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The advantages and disadvantages of rosewood

Kistang - have you ever heard of rosewood? One of the strong wood with a beautiful wood pattern is not inferior to teak rosewood or if in Indonesia it is called #sonokeling wood.
The advantages and disadvantages of rosewood
The advantages and disadvantages of rosewood

Honestly, I also just found out about the existence of this wood because the rosewood plant itself is one of the woods that is threatened with extinction due to rampant illegal logging and also to cultivate it including taking a long time just like teak trees to harvest it takes more than 20-50 years. The Rosewood plant itself is included in the Fabaceae plant group that grows wild in the forest area of the island of Java and it is rare for people to cultivate the rosewood plant, this is because the rosewood plant absorbs a lot of water and nutrients in the area where they live.

According to the farmers, the Sono Rivet plant was only considered a pest, therefore it is not uncommon for farmers to always remove or turn off the rosewood plant that grows on their farms.

The rosewood tree can reach 50 meters high from the ground with a trunk diameter of up to 2 meters and a wild body in a humid area with good drainage.

Benefits of rosewood

rosewood As we know, in terms of strength and durability, rosewood can not be underestimated because rosewood is included in the ranks of class 1 durable wood, the same as teak.

rosewood is often used by the community to be used as furniture such as cabinets, study tables, chairs and others.

Not infrequently also some people use sonokeling wood to be used as musical instruments such as piano, guitar and violin this is because rosewood has a distinctive and beautiful wood pattern that gives an exclusive and luxurious impression on the instrument.

In addition, it is also not uncommon for this rosewood wood to be used as a material for making sports equipment such as billiard sticks, baseball and others. For the advantages and disadvantages of rosewood wood, which we have summarized from various sources as follows.

The advantages and disadvantages of rosewood

The advantages of rosewood

Sonokeling wood ( rosewood ) has a beautiful wood pattern

The main thing why rosewood wood is sought after by furniture and wood processing lovers is the beauty of the wood pattern on rosewood wood.

Where the Rosewood pattern has red, black, yellow and purplish colors combined with the wood grain to produce a distinctive and exclusive wood color pattern that looks more luxurious and classy.

Mildew and termite resistant rosewood

Sonokeling wood ( rosewood )is known to be strong and durable because it is resistant to fungal and termite attacks without you having to give chemicals to preserve it.

This is because the natural sap in rosewood has a function against termites (insects) and fungi as well as teak.

No wonder sonokeling wood is included in the ranks of class 1 wood that is being hunted by many people.

Quality wood rosewood which is cheaper than teak

In terms of the price of sonokeling wood, it is relatively cheap when compared to quality wood no. 1 like teak.

Although there are many advantages, the price is quite light compared to having to buy teak wood.

Disadvantages of rosewood

Rosewood takes a long time to be harvested

Like other strong woods, sonoKeling wood also takes a long time to be harvested, which is in the range of 20-60 years from the time of planting.

Sonokeling wood ( rosewood) is difficult to get

Sonokeling wood is rarely encountered due to its long harvest period and it is still rare for people to cultivate this rosewood plant.

Plus, if you want to use it, you have to take care of licensing and cultivate it because the rosewood tree is a plant that will become extinct.

Rosewood ( Sonokeling wood ) has a darker color

Some people don't like dark wood patterns like rosewood, if you expect a bright wood color like teak, it looks like rosewood is not your choice because the wood it produces is predominantly dark in color.

That's the advantages and disadvantages of rosewood if you want to add it you can comment below and thank you for visiting.

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